How long does the food take to digest?

we often hear people complaining that they are hungry just after eating, and some people regret that their stomachs always rise after eating. They feel very uncomfortable. In fact, this is because different foods need different digestion time. Senior nutritionists can help you to prepare your food by following the “food digestion schedule”, so that your intestines and stomach can easily start the war of protecting your stomach. Let’s start with this article.

no1. Fruit digestion time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

melon fruits (such as watermelon) need the shortest digestion time, while banana takes the longest. Eat when you are not very hungry or full between meals. If you want to have a fruit to resist for a while, banana is a good choice. Remember not to eat on an empty stomach. Watermelon can quickly provide energy and raise blood sugar, especially for diabetics.

no2. Vegetable digestion time: 45 minutes ~ 2 hours

melon vegetables (such as wax gourd) consumed the shortest time, followed by Solanaceous Vegetables (such as tomato, eggplant), followed by leaf vegetables (such as spinach, cabbage) and cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli), and rhizome vegetables (such as sweet potato, taro) consumed the longest digestion time. Therefore, rhizome vegetables can be used as staple food. People with poor digestion should eat less broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. If they want to eat them, they must cook them soft and rotten.

no3. Grain digestion time: 1.5 ~ 3 hours

the digestion time of liquid or semi liquid grain food (such as porridge) is shorter, and the fermented food (such as steamed bread and bread without fat) is easier to digest. They have the highest digestibility in the body, up to 98%.

therefore, porridge and steamed bread are good choices for people with weak gastrointestinal tract. But if you add oil into it, it will be difficult to digest if you turn it into fried steamed bread slices, fried rice, etc.

through the above article, you now understand how long food digestion takes. In fact, food digestion needs a process, and everyone’s physical condition is different, so the time of food digestion is naturally different. If indigestion occurs for a long time, it’s better to check it first and regulate it accordingly, And food intake.

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