How long is the shelf life of royal jelly

we know that royal jelly is extremely rich in nutrients, which has significant effects on human body conditioning and improving immunity. It is more and more concerned and welcomed by people. Normally, the fresher royal jelly is slightly sour, a bit like the taste of immature persimmon, When eating, it can be matched with honey. We will briefly introduce the shelf life and the identification of deterioration.

fresh royal jelly should be put into the refrigerator in time after being bought. If it is placed at room temperature, it will soon deteriorate. The quality of frozen royal jelly will also affect its shelf life. Ordinary royal jelly can be preserved for 1-2 years.

if you forget how long royal jelly has been preserved, but don’t know whether it has gone bad, you can identify it by the following two points:

1, peculiar smell. As we mentioned, normal royal jelly has a little bit of acidity. However, it should be noted that if the acid taste is too heavy or there is a peculiar smell, you should stop using it, because your royal jelly has deteriorated at this time.

2. Observation. The color of the royal jelly without deterioration is milky white or light yellow, and its liquid level is very flat without bubbles and other abnormal phenomena. If you find that royal jelly does not belong to the above situation, you should pay attention to its deterioration, which affects the use value of royal jelly.

therefore, through the above instructions, let us know the normal taste of royal jelly. If we find that the smell and sour taste are too heavy when eating, it may deteriorate. In addition, if there are bubbles on the liquid surface and other abnormal phenomena, it may also deteriorate, affecting the edible value. We should stop using it to avoid discomfort to the body and affecting health.

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