How long is the storage time of edible oil

How long is the storage time of edible oil

how long is the storage time of edible oil

many families have the habit of storing grain and oil. In fact, edible oil should not be stored for a long time. Long stored edible oil will not only affect the flavor of oil, reduce the nutritional value, but also harm human health. The main component of

vegetable oil is unsaturated fatty acid, which is easily oxidized. If the vegetable oil is stored for a long time, or stored improperly, such as not avoiding sunlight, high room temperature, it will cause the edible oil oxidation rancidity, and produce a harrass taste.

rancid edible oil may bring some acute harm to human health, such as direct stimulation of gastrointestinal tract; It results in anoxia and cyanosis of mucous membrane and skin; Cause acute respiratory, circulatory failure and other symptoms.

on the other hand, rancid edible oil can also cause chronic harm to the body, such as nutrient deficiency, flora balance, weight loss and developmental disorders, liver, heart and kidney enlargement, etc. Studies have shown that highly rancid cooking oil can cause cancer.

in order to avoid the storage of edible oil for a long time, the family needs should be considered when purchasing edible oil, and the storage time should not exceed three months.

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