How many fruits are the most suitable to eat in a day

How much fruit is the most suitable to eat in a day

how much fruit is the most suitable to eat in a day

to be healthy, it is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables, which is a concept that we have long been familiar with. But how much should I eat in a day? Experts pointed out that each person should eat at least two fruits and three vegetables a day, and explained them in detail.

when calculating the amount of fruit, it not only refers to fresh fruit, canned fruit, dried plum and dried jujube without sugar or salt, but also includes fresh fruit juice without sugar; However, fruits with high sugar content (such as desserts) and fruits with high fat content (such as coconut, durian and avocado) are excluded.

specifically, a portion of fruit is about equal to a medium-sized fruit (such as orange and apple), 1 / 4 cup of dried fruit without sugar or salt (such as raisin and prune), and 3 / 4 cup of fresh fruit juice without sugar (such as fresh orange juice with pulp).

in the calculation of vegetables, in addition to fresh vegetables, canned vegetables can also be included, but pickled vegetables are excluded, because their nutrients are damaged in the process of pickling. Generally speaking, a bowl of uncooked leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and cauliflower, can be regarded as a vegetable; But if it is cooked vegetables, half a bowl can be counted as a portion. In addition, 3 / 4 cup of fresh vegetable juice without sugar can also be regarded as a vegetable.

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