How much beer is suitable?

although beer is made of grain, drinking beer alone will bring us great danger. Alcoholism will bring us dizziness and headache, and even greatly reduce our own immunity. Therefore, we must control drinking beer, We must not blindly drink too much beer. It’s very necessary to know how much beer is suitable in advance. Here’s a brief introduction.

according to experts, people who often drink more than 500ml (a bottle) of beer every day are not only prone to fatty liver and “beer heart”, but also prone to alcohol addiction when their children grow up. Recently, experts remind men who like to drink beer in summer that the best amount of beer in a day is less than 500ml.

alcohol content: one liter beer = one or two Baijiu

, some people think that beer is “liquid bread”, high nutritional value and low alcohol content, drink more will not be what harm. Experts point out that this is a misunderstanding of many people. Because beer is a wine at the end, the alcohol content of a liter of beer is equivalent to the alcohol content of more than one or two baijiu.

experts believe that it is appropriate for adults to drink one or two hundred milliliters of beer each time, and not more than 500 milliliters (one bottle) a day. The best temperature of beer is 12-15 C, when the wine and foam are in the best condition, the taste is the most obvious when drinking. Iced beer should be drunk in proper amount, and should not be eaten with salted and smoked food.

alcohol addiction: 30% of alcohol addicts begin to drink beer. According to experts, 30% of the alcoholics were originally overdrinking beer, and later felt that beer’s strength was not big enough, and gradually added low and high baijiu. The most obvious signs of alcohol addicts are: not only can’t do without alcohol, but also drink “eye opening wine” in the morning, drink “tranquilizing wine” before going to bed, and often drink on an empty stomach.

many young people drink a lot now, which will have a great impact on our health in the future. Some middle-aged friends, in order to cope with all kinds of occasions, drink more unrestricted, which will bring great harm to our health. We must try our best to avoid the above situation. How much beer is suitable? We must understand it.

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