How much brown sugar should be eaten every day?

brown sugar has become a necessity in the family now, because when female friends come to my aunt, a cup of brown sugar water can effectively avoid the symptoms caused by dysmenorrhea. But brown sugar is also a kind of sugar after all. If you eat too much, you will get fat. It’s not that more is better. But how much brown sugar should girls eat every day? Next, we will analyze the composition and content of brown sugar, and introduce how to drink the most effective.

a kilogram of brown sugar contains 900 mg of calcium and 100 mg of iron. Brown sugar is also rich in trace elements, some of which can strongly stimulate the body’s hematopoietic function. The advantage of brown sugar lies in “warming and tonifying, warming and unblocking, warming and dispersing”, which is commonly known as warming and tonifying. The glucose contained in brown sugar can release energy quickly, absorb and utilize energy efficiently, and can quickly supplement physical strength. Children with deficiency of vital energy, loss of appetite, malnutrition and other problems can drink brown sugar water in an appropriate amount on weekdays. Cold abdominal pain, menstruation when easy to catch a cold, can also be used to remove cold brown sugar ginger soup. After menstruation, if women feel less energetic, dysmenorrhea, and their face is not very good, they can eat a cup of 20% brown sugar water before lunch every day. If the symptoms are a little severe, you can drink one more cup before dinner and stick to it for a week.

brown sugar water can also be boiled with Auricularia auricula, wolfberry, red dates or red beans, which is beneficial to water conservancy and urination. During menstruation, it can help to discharge uterine waste and relieve abdominal distension and waist tightness. Brown sugar water must be made with boiling water. Obese people and diabetes, high sugar and high fat patients are prohibited. Some people suggest 30g each time, others suggest 8g to 9g each time. You should drink brown sugar water according to your own habits.

brown sugar and white sugar are the same sugar formed by sugarcane juice, but brown sugar basically retains all the components of sugarcane juice, so the nutritional components are much higher than white granulated sugar. So when a female friend comes to her aunt, if she has a boyfriend, she asks her boyfriend to make a cup of brown sugar tea for you. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she also needs to make a cup of brown sugar tea herself.

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