How much is the harm of picky eating? Countermeasures to deal with baby’s picky eating

picky eating refers to the obvious pickiness of food in the process of eating. Mainly for children, because of taste preference or physical reasons, they only tend to eat certain kinds of food. Many children do not like to eat vegetables. If they are picky for a long time, they may cause obesity or malnutrition. Many parents are worried about their children not eating vegetables. Let’s see what to do with them.

Children are picky about food, usually for the following reasons:


2. Parents neglect the cultivation of their children’s normal eating habits, or indulge their children too much, which encourages their children’s picky eating habits;

3. Parents intentionally or unintentionally show a preference for a certain food in front of their children, and children naturally imitate it due to the influence of partial food consciousness;

4. Parents pay too much attention to their children’s health and often force their children to eat some nutritious food, which causes their children’s aversion to these foods.

5. In the stage of adding complementary food, parents did not pay attention to eating various kinds of food for their children, which made their children’s taste not adapt to and accept a lot of food.

6. Did not develop good eating habits, lack of interest in eating.

7. The dining atmosphere is not good. Parents put too much pressure on their children and overemphasize their children to eat more.

8. The variety and preparation method of food are single.

9. I usually eat more snacks, so I’m not interested in food.

10. When children are usually naughty or unhappy, parents often use snacks to divert their attention. Because there are many flavorful additives in snacks, the taste is far more fragrant than the food. For a long time, children often do not like to eat light food.

[the harm of picky eating and partial eating] at present, many children have the problem of picky eating and partial eating. Picky eating and partial eating are very bad habits for children, which are very harmful to their growth and development. The healthy growth of human body needs six nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral and water. These nutrients exist in one or several kinds of food, only maintain a balanced diet, can ensure the comprehensive and balanced nutrition intake. Picky eating can easily lead to insufficient intake of certain nutrients, resulting in malnutrition, weak constitution, poor resistance and easy to get sick. Children are picky about food mainly has the following three hazards:

1, baby is picky about food easily; Rotten mouth & quot;

“ Rotten mouth & quot; In autumn appear more, this is of course with the fall of people’s sebaceous gland secretion reduction, but also with the baby love picky food can not get rid of the relationship& ldquo; Rotten mouth & quot; In medicine, it is called angular stomatitis, which is a common disease of the baby. It is mainly manifested as flushing, blistering, chapping, erosion, scabbing, desquamation, etc. When the weather is dry, plus picky food, make the body lack of riboflavin (commonly known as insufficient intake of vitamin B2), it is very easy to appear.

2. Being picky about food can easily lead to nutritional deficiency and affect the growth and development of babies. It’s human nature to eat your favorite and delicious food. Parents blindly satisfy their babies’ needs; Nature & quot;, May make the baby eat a balanced diet, leading to the occurrence of food rich malnutrition in your baby.

some babies usually eat more snacks, normal meals often become embellishment. Some parents despise breakfast, just let the baby eat something to go to school or go to the nursery, so it can’t meet the baby’s normal activities and physical development needs of energy and nutrition. Being partial to food and picky about food, it has become the favorite food for many babies; Fashion & quot;, Parents are also used to it. In the long run, it will cause the lack of vitamins, damage the baby’s immunity, and easily infect various diseases.

3, baby is picky and easy to lack vitamin

. There are six categories of nutrients that baby needs: vitamins, protein, fat, sugar, minerals and water. The food we eat everyday will provide different nutrients for our baby. If the baby does not like to eat meat dishes, his vitamin, protein, fat intake will be insufficient; If the baby does not like to eat vegetables, fruits, his vitamin intake will be insufficient. Although different partial eaters and picky eaters lack different nutrients, they all lack vitamins.

vitamin is the hub of the whole nutritional system. Only through its participation can other vitamins be transformed into substances needed by human body. There are 13 kinds of vitamins, and different vitamins are stored in different animals and plants. According to the food composition table, the baby needs to eat about 6 Jin of cereal, milk, animal food, vegetables, fruits and other food to meet his daily vitamin needs.

If you have a standard little picky eater in your family, do moms have a headache? In fact, parents should master different tricks to treat babies of different ages.

stunt 1

relax, 1-3-year-old baby’s diet is not very stable, parents can find that the baby’s daily average food intake after many days of observation, if the baby is not good to eat these two days, don’t worry, after two days he will eat more make-up.

trick 2

attitude is firm and not forced. If the child does not eat because the food is not suitable for his appetite, the parents can take the food away and let him wait for the next meal. Do not give snacks between the two meals, so that he can understand that only a good meal can fill his stomach. Encourage your child when he performs well. Gradually, the child will develop good habits.

stunt 3

the atmosphere of a family sitting together is very infectious. If you eat with relish, he will slander. At the beginning, there should be one or two kinds of food he likes on the table. Gradually, children will accept a variety of food.

unique skills 4

cultivate new tastes. If a child only eats one kind of food he likes every day, it will cause malnutrition. We need to cultivate his new interest in food. On the one hand, the child’s habit has been satisfied. Choosing one of the two foods he doesn’t like will not arouse his disgust. No matter which one he chooses, it is a new attempt and a gratifying progress.

trick 5

clever game than a match to see who eats faster? Bite the cake into a crescent to see who has less beans on his plate. Although they are all overused, they are very effective, especially for babies under three years old.

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