How much low sodium salt is suitable for daily intake

How much low sodium salt is suitable for daily intake

how much low sodium salt is suitable for daily intake

Shandong reader Ms. Li asked: now many nutrition experts advocate eating low sodium salt, which helps to control blood pressure. I know that the intake of common salt is no more than 6 grams per day, but how much low sodium salt is suitable for daily intake?

low sodium salt reduced the content of sodium and increased the content of potassium. Excessive sodium can directly cause hypertension and other diseases. According to the survey conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, one in three adults has high blood pressure, so it is necessary to reduce the intake of sodium. The daily sodium requirement of normal adults is 2200 mg. The daily food intake of Chinese adults generally contains about 1000 mg of sodium, and the sodium intake from salt is about 1200 mg (about 3 g of salt).

but because of the preference for saltiness, the vast majority of people’s salt intake far exceeds the level of 3 grams. At present, the content of sodium chloride in common salt commonly consumed by the public exceeds 98.5%, while the content of sodium chloride in low sodium salt promoted by the state is only about 75%, and the other 25% is mainly potassium chloride.

the Chinese society of nutrition recommends that the daily salt intake of healthy adults (including the amount of salt in soy sauce and other foods) is 6 grams, and the intake of Chinese residents is far higher than this standard. Therefore, no matter what kind of salt, salt is just condiment, even if you eat low sodium salt, also try to control within 6 grams.

finally, it should be reminded that the following three types of people should be careful to eat low sodium salt. 1. People with renal insufficiency and high blood potassium. 2. Patients with hyponatremia. 3. People taking Puli and sartan antihypertensive drugs.

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