How much milk powder bubble

babies for every family is particularly important, the baby is a bridge between husband and wife to communicate emotions, because the existence of the baby to make the family happy and happy, but baby care also needs a lot of knowledge, Bao Bao from milk powder is the most common thing. But if we do not have a good grasp of the method will appear more milk powder bubble like this situation, the baby drink milk powder will appear the situation of stomach flatulence, next we know milk powder bubble how to do.

milk powder essential VIP nutrients – protein, this guy has a characteristic, the stronger its activity, the easier to produce bubbles. This is similar to the fact that extroverts interact more with people around them. When preparing

milk powder, if the water temperature is too high, the container containing milk powder is not smooth enough, the shape is not regular enough, the stirring or shaking force is too strong, the direction is not right, and the nipple hole is too large, bubbles will also be produced.

, how can we avoid the fact that milk powder is much more powdered?

, how to do the milk powder bubble:

the right water temperature. Please read the preparation instructions of milk powder in detail. It says that you can use as many degrees as you like. Don’t be afraid that the water temperature is not high enough to dissolve the milk powder. Just pour boiling water into it.

do not use non mainstream containers. You can directly milk the milk in the bottle, the key is to be bright and clean, do not be all around the corner, clean up before the adjustment. If you try to use what kind of ground glass material, you will probably burst out of half a cup of foam. It is recommended to use mainstream bottles.

try not to stir with chopsticks. Don’t be afraid that milk powder won’t dissolve. Hold chopsticks or spoons and stick them in. These may not be 100% clean, for example, with their own dust god horse, super easy to bubble.

: we are very particular. In fact, the correct way to make milk powder is to roll back and rub the milk bottle with the palms of both hands. Remember that it’s in the horizontal direction. Don’t cover the milk bottle tightly and shake it up and down. When rolling and rubbing the bottle, don’t be too strong. If you are gentle, there will be less bubbles.

feeding tools. It is recommended that the opening of baby’s bottle should not be too large. If possible, it is best to choose anti flatulence nipple / bottle.

, they all say that parents are the greatest people in the world. Every parent has every aspect of their baby’s daily life. There is no problem. Otherwise, it will have a great influence on the healthy growth of the baby. How to do it through the milk powder bubble? We must pay attention to the correct method when we are powdered the baby. At the same time, we should pay special attention to the choice of milk powder.

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