How much salt do people need to eat a day? What happens when you eat too much salt

sodium in salt is necessary to control human body moisture. It can maintain the normal blood pH value of human body, ensure the transmission of nerve signals and help muscles work normally.

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salt is really indispensable to human body. Otherwise, why should people go to the hospital when they are ill & ldquo; Hanging brine & rdquo; And? If you don’t eat salt, you may have & ldquo; Hyponatremia syndrome;, Manifested as weakness, abdominal distension and discomfort. And & ldquo; Low chlorine alkalosis & rdquo;, Manifested as vomiting, shortness of breath, and even coma. Therefore, a certain amount of salt intake is necessary.

what happens if you eat too much salt

eating too much salt may cause hypertension and gastric cancer, and may also aggravate osteoporosis and asthma. Therefore, appropriately reducing the consumption of salt will help to reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

in addition, eating too much salt is easy to wrinkle. Experts from the French National Medical College explained that salt exists in human blood and body fluids in the form of sodium ions and chloride ions. They play a very important role in maintaining human osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance. If you eat too much salt, the sodium ion in the body will increase, which will lead to the loss of water in facial cells, resulting in skin aging. Over time, wrinkles will increase.

how much salt should people eat in a day there is no doubt that eating too much salt will affect their health. But salt is one of the necessary foods for human body. How much salt does a person eat a day meet the requirements of health《 The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2007) points out that the daily intake of salt for normal people is 6 grams per person, and that for children should be between 2-5 grams. A family of three should eat 16 grams of salt a day, almost 500 grams a month.

it should be noted that there is salt in soy sauce, pickled vegetables and salted duck eggs. Pay attention when eating. So it’s hard to know how much salt a person should eat a day. Even nutritionists may not be able to turn their kitchen into a chemical laboratory to determine how much salt they can only eat a day. However, according to the survey, the daily intake of salt by residents in the north of China is about 15 ~ 18G, and that of residents in the south of China is about 10 ~ 12g. It’s easy to do. It seems that comrades in the North should reduce the intake of salt by 2 / 3 and compatriots in the south by 1 / 2. Although it’s not very accurate, there are roughly a number.

who can’t eat salt

people eat too much salt and the salt in blood increases. A chemical receptor in the human body will be excited, and the direct manifestation is dry mouth. Drink water when your mouth is dry. Water enters the intestines and stomach, absorbs blood and dilutes too much salt to achieve the stability of the human body’s internal environment.

therefore, people with kidney disease and poor renal function cannot eat more salt, otherwise the edema will not subside. Similarly, patients with liver cirrhosis, ascites, heart failure and hypertension cannot eat more salt.

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