How often do you wash clothes of different materials? A good way to clean and maintain clothes and shoes is

1, Then the general laundry process is OK.

2. Are you afraid that the buttons on the clothes with slightly loosened stitches will suddenly fall off? In case of emergency, you can first apply some transparent nail polish to reinforce it. However, it is the best policy to stitch the button quickly.

3. What should I do if I accidentally get a small oil stain on my clothes? Put a small amount of dishwashing powder on the oil stain and wipe it. The dishwashing powder will help you remove the oil stain.

4. Put the jeans in the sealed bag and send them to the freezer. The low temperature will kill the bacteria that bring peculiar smell on the jeans.

5. When the clothes are stained with lipstick, just spray the hair gel on the place stained with lipstick and let it stand for a while before washing it!

6, leather shoes fade, scratch, but there is no special cleaning shoes at home? Then use a cloth and dip in the right amount of lotion to wipe it.

7. If suede shoes are dirty, just use & lt; Nail file & quot; Just clean it.

8, silk stockings accidentally break will break bigger, as long as the silk stockings holes in the place coated with transparent nail polish, you can let “ Disaster & quot; It will not continue to expand.

9 The zipper of the coat is stuck and can’t be pulled up no matter how? Try Vaseline with a cotton swab!

10, the red stains on clothes can be removed by using Baijiu, and smeared with Baijiu on the stains, then put in a quiet time for a while, and then washed.

11, the clothes are covered with liquid foundation. They can be solved with shaving cream. First, apply them to the stained areas, then wash them after a while.

12. After exercise, put a little baking soda in your sports shoes to help absorb sweat and eliminate odor.

13, glasses or sunglasses are loose, but there is no tool to lock them? A little transparent nail polish will help!

14, lacquer shoes inevitably have scratches, as long as the cotton stick dipped in Vaseline and then back to wipe it!

15. If the leather shoes are stained by rain, you can mix the water and vinegar in the ratio of 2:1, and finally clean them with a toothbrush.

16. If there is a peculiar smell on clothes, you can mix lemon juice with water, pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on clothes to help eliminate the peculiar smell.

17. If you want to make the leather shoes as bright as new, just wipe them with window cleaner.

How often do you wash clothes of different materials? We all know that different materials of clothes have different washing methods. In order to prolong the life of clothes and ensure health, we still need to pay attention to how long it should take to wash clothes! If you are not sure, you may as well follow the following suggestions to wash it!

1, sports equipment

cleaning cycle: after wearing each time, how much sweat do you sweat in fitness and sports? Your sports equipment has also experienced the same challenge. The best way to protect them is to wash them immediately after going home, whether it’s Yoga with less sweat or boxing class with all wet body.

professionals recommend hand washing in cold water before hanging to dry. Try to minimize the chance of washing and drying with the washing machine, and treat sports equipment as well as your underwear. It’s just that you need to prepare more than one suit to change, and leave some time for the clothes to recover their elasticity.

2, socks

cleaning cycle: wash once a day

if you want to keep your feet comfortable, you should change into a new pair of socks every morning. As for the cycle, the same is a daily wash, some lazy people will pile them up to a week or longer to wash.

some people will ask: do you want to wash underwear and socks separately? Generally speaking, washing together is no problem, but in some cases, it’s better to consider washing underwear and socks separately!

(1) children’s close fitting clothes are washed separately, because children’s immunity is weaker than adults.

(2) you have pets or carpet in your home, and you often walk around barefoot or in socks.

(3) you are a cleanliness addict, or your requirements for clothes are not just harmless.

under special circumstances, please wash it separately.

under special circumstances, including the situation that microorganisms stay on the stains for a longer time, or the body has abnormal symptoms or feelings. Specifically, it can be divided into the following situations:

(1) there are stains caused by women’s physiological period on underwear.

(2) suffered from anorectal diseases such as diarrhea or hemorrhoids.

(3) when something should not be grown, such as genital vegetation.

(4) there is something that should not be less, and there is local skin damage in genital area.

(5) abnormal dry skin with molting.

(6) abnormal wetting of skin and mucous membrane, such as abnormal secretion.

(7) genital paresthesia, such as pain, burning, itching, etc.

3, underwear

cleaning cycle: after 2-3 times wearing,

for female friends, when to clean underwear is far more troublesome than underwear, because after wearing once or twice, they don’t look very dirty.

the suggestion here is that underwear should be washed after 2-3 times of wearing. According to the survey, the vast majority of underwear should be washed once. If there is a lot of sweating, it should be washed once, because the sweat and natural oil secreted by the body will be immersed in the fabric. If you wear it for a long time, it will take a longer time to wash, and it is not hygienic.

if it’s underwear with steel ring, it’s more likely to be dirty, so the frequency of cleaning should be more than underwear without steel ring. Some people will like to use underwear special detergent, in fact, it is not necessary, all the mild soap used to clean the body can be used to clean underwear. In order to prevent deformation, it is better to wash by hand.

4, cotton T-shirt

cleaning cycle: after wearing for 3-4 times,

for our most commonly worn cotton T-shirt, in fact, it does not need to be cleaned as often as we think. Although there is no rigid standard, the number of times these T-shirts are washed is closely related to their wearing life, especially when choosing washing machine or dry cleaning.

the general practice is to wash after wearing for 3-4 times to reduce wear and tear. Of course, this method is not suitable for sweaty friends. Generally speaking, machine wash in cold water and air dry flat will keep the T-shirt in the best condition.

5 Cleaning cycle: after 8-10 times of wearing, the cleaning cycle is about 8-10 times of wearing. The real-time cleaning of woolen sweaters after being stained is more important. If there is liquid sprinkled on them, the correct way is to use toilet paper or sponge to absorb the stains. Do not rub or rub, because it will damage the yarn and wool fiber, leading to pilling.

the best way to wash woolen sweaters is to wash them by hand at low temperature or by machine at 30 ℃. Don’t trust the dry cleaners outside, because most of them still use water washed woolen sweaters to save costs.

if there is wool washing option on the washing machine, remember to turn it on and add special wool detergent. Here’s a trick. Adding a small amount of conditioner to the water will help protect the soft cashmere.

how to dry them is just as important as how to clean them: do not dry them or throw them dry. Use a clean towel to absorb as much moisture as possible. Lay them flat and dry them in the shade. Hanging them on a hanger will only deform them.

6, jeans

cleaning cycle: no more than three months,

jeans should be washed, but the frequency is not so frequent. Most importantly, some high-end denim fabrics go through complex & lt; Organize & quot;, The shape of the plate has been determined, and it will deform when it is launched.

how to clean? It’s best to find a big basin for hand washing (especially the first three times): first, soak the jeans in warm water until the water gets cold; Then drain and rinse with cold water. Rub off the dirt by hand and hang in the shade to dry. Keep in mind that you can’t dry out or expose yourself to the sun.

7, leather jacket

cleaning cycle: clean every season

you polish the shoes on your feet, but what about leather jacket? The first thing after buying a new leather jacket is to apply a layer of leather care oil, which will prolong the life of leather clothes. After wearing every season, in a dry state, thoroughly clean the leather jacket with professional leather cleaner to store it.

after care, the leather jacket should be hung in a dry and well ventilated place with a suitable hanger to avoid any distortion and direct sunlight, so as not to damage the leather.

8, winter clothing

cleaning cycle: once or twice a season

when to clean winter thick coats depends on their fabric. Most wool coats can be stored after a thorough dry cleaning at the end of winter. The cotton clothes that are allowed to be washed by machine can be kept clean once or twice in the whole winter. First, hang them in the bathroom to let the water drip dry, and then move them to the outdoor to dry naturally, so that the sun can disinfect them. Machine drying or drying are not the best choice.

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