How should I have dinner? The unsuitable food for dinner is

How should I have dinner? How should I eat dinner?

1, food not suitable for dinner

all kinds of fried food: such as fried fish, fried chicken, fried meat, etc. High fat, high cholesterol food: such as animal viscera, fat, etc. High energy food: cream cake, etc.

2, suitable food for dinner

moderate staple food: food rich in high quality protein: such as fish and shrimp, lean meat, bean products, etc.

green leafy vegetables: moderate intake of porridge or soup food.

3, bedtime meal & mdash; About 2 hours before going to bed, after dinner, after a whole night, our hungry stomachs have a chance to eat, which is obviously against our physical will and unreasonable& ldquo; Bedtime meal & quot; Add a cup of milk, a bowl of porridge, a piece of bread, a little food, can give our body a good transition and buffer. However, if you go to bed early and it’s hard to change your dinner habits, it’s better not to add this meal, so as not to bring unnecessary burden to your body.

4, improper dinner is easy to cause disease

dinner and obesity & mdash; If you overeat your dinner, the excess calories will be stored in your body to make you fat. Dinner intake of calories should not exceed 30% of the total calorie intake throughout the day, which is crucial to prevent and control obesity. In the course of time,

* (1) stones: of the body’s urination peak is usually 4~5 hours after meals, and after dinner is too late, the urine produced after dinner will be stuck in the urinary tract and can not be discharged in time. This way, the calcium content in the urine of urine will increase continuously, and the urine stone will form for a long time.

(2) pancreatitis: dinner too good too full, plus drinking too much, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis, shock in sleep. If the original stone incarceration in the ampulla of bile duct, Ascaris lumbricoides infarction and chronic biliary tract infection, it is more likely to cause acute pancreatitis and sudden death.

(3) colorectal cancer: if most of the non-staple food in a day is eaten by dinner, these substances are affected by anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine, which will produce harmful substances. These toxic products can increase the burden of liver and kidney and toxic stimulation to the brain. In addition, the peristalsis during sleep is reduced, and the residence time of these substances in the intestinal cavity is relatively prolonged, It is easy to cause colorectal cancer.

(4) dreaminess: if you have too much dinner, the bulging stomach and intestines will oppress the surrounding organs, activate the cells in the corresponding parts of the brain, and induce all kinds of dreams. Dreams often make people tired, and more often, it will cause neurasthenia and other diseases.

(5) coronary heart disease: excessive calorie intake at dinner can cause the increase of blood cholesterol, and excessive cholesterol is carried to the arterial wall to accumulate, which will become a major cause of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

(6) hypertension: eating too much meat at dinner will not only increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract, but also make the blood pressure rise abruptly. In addition, when people sleep, the blood flow speed is greatly slowed down, a lot of blood lipids will deposit on the wall of blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis. According to scientific experiments, people who often eat meat for dinner usually have 2-3 times higher blood lipids than those who often eat vegetarian food. People suffering from hypertension and obesity will do more harm if they like meat for dinner.

(7) diabetes: , if middle aged people are fed up for a long time and repeatedly stimulate the secretion of insulin, diabetes often occurs.

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