How should winter recuperate the spleen and stomach?

How should winter recuperate the spleen and stomach?

how to regulate the spleen and stomach in winter?

the cold weather in winter is the season when the spleen and stomach are easy to lose harmony. Low temperature and strong wind make people suffering from deficiency and cold of the spleen and stomach. And how to recuperate the spleen and stomach, pay attention to but very much.

do not eat raw or cold food to avoid satiety.

try to avoid raw and cold diet, seafood, these foods will damage the spleen and stomach Yang. Try to avoid overeating and overeating; You can’t eat too warm and dry food because of deficiency cold, such as fried barbecue, ginseng and so on, because taking it for a long time will cause & lt; Get angry;, It is the so-called “deficiency is not compensated”. It is suggested that some warm tonic drugs should be added on the basis of healthy temper. The medicines and foods for tonifying spleen qi include: Codonopsis pilosula, Pseudostellaria heterophylla, Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala, yam, lentil, lotus seed, jujube, Coix (not suitable for long-term consumption, cold nature, need to be fried), chestnuts (not suitable for people with qi stagnation, abdominal distension, pan acid heartburn).

pay attention to keep warm and regular daily life.

1, pay attention to keep warm: especially the shoulder, neck, feet and other parts easy to get cold should be more care. Exercise should be moderate, not a lot of exercise, sweating too much.

2, daily life rule: Winter daily life should follow the principle of early lying and late rising, sleep time should be appropriately extended. Remember, don’t stay up late, and don’t think too much, otherwise it will damage the spleen.

winter conditioning spleen and stomach, tea is exquisite. According to traditional Chinese medicine, tea can be divided into cold and hot. Green tea, which is deeply loved by everyone, is cold and suitable for drinking in summer; Black tea and Pu’er tea are warm and suitable for drinking in winter; Oolong tea and Tieguanyin are relatively neutral.

here I want to tell you about black tea. It can help digestion, promote appetite, diuresis, eliminate edema and strengthen heart function. It is suitable for drinking in winter. Need to be reminded that although tea is good, but also not greedy heavy taste, the concentration of tea must not be too high. Winter constipation do not use laxative powder. There is a very common constipation, the shape of stool is not dry ball, but the defecation process is particularly laborious, and the time is very long, often accompanied by fatigue, fear of cold and other symptoms, which may be the performance of spleen and stomach deficiency cold, if you eat some more; Purging fire & quot; The more you take the medicine, the colder it will be. If it is constipation caused by deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, it is suggested not to use some drugs with strong effect, such as rhubarb, mirabilite, aloe, senna, etc. For example, the old and the weak can take hemp seed, plum seed, pine nut seed, Angelica sinensis and Cistanche deserticola; On this basis, people with deficiency cold of spleen and stomach can take some medicine to strengthen spleen and replenish qi.

five kinds of food regulate the spleen and stomach. Lily: it has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening lung, clearing heart and calming mind, relieving fever and diuresis, relieving cough and asthma, regulating stomach and strengthening spleen. You can have Lily porridge and fried lily with celery.

2, lotus seed: tonifying kidney, strengthening spleen, nourishing heart, calming nerves, anti-aging. Lotus seeds can be used with white Poria cocos, yam, glutinous rice, Chencang rice, sugar, etc., steamed into cakes, or directly drink lotus seed and Lily porridge.

3, yam: Qingxin Anshen, Buzhong Yiqi, help five zang organs, strong bones. Yam contains a lot of mucin, which can prevent fat precipitation in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, maintain vascular elasticity and prevent arteriosclerosis. Can eat yam porridge, fried yam, Steamed Yam.

4, mutton: spleen warm stomach, but try not to fry barbecue, can cook mutton soup, rinse eating, are good choices.

5, glutinous rice: it has the function of invigorating spleen and Qi. As we all know, glutinous rice is not easy to digest, especially for people with poor spleen and stomach. So how to eat to achieve the role of invigorating the spleen and Qi, and not cause indigestion? It is recommended that you eat mash or cook glutinous rice porridge. Glutinous rice porridge can add rice or japonica rice, put a little glutinous rice on it.

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