How to avoid summer when it is too hot? Clever use of curtains to resist the heat of summer

the utilization rate of summer curtains has risen sharply. In order to block or use the summer sunshine scientifically, it is necessary to select and hang curtains scientifically according to the specific specifications of different windows and personal needs.

1, Special curtains adapted to local conditions

the most common common common windows or floor to ceiling windows are in order, but some windows have special shapes and angles, so we must use our brains to choose curtains for such windows. However, the principle of adjusting measures to local conditions is not wrong General knowledge

2, separately controlled rolling curtain of arch window

the curtain of arch window can only be divided into two parts, and the rolling curtain is the best way. The upper roller shutter is designed as an arc shape matched with the arch shape, which can be controlled independently. The lower roller shutter is divided into left and right two pieces, which can also be controlled separately.

① the curtain on the upper part of the arched window can expose the window by pulling the cord to make it fall down.

(2) the lower curtain is pulled up to expose the window and let the light into the room.

3, curved corner window curtain with shape. At this time, even if the curtain is divided into several pieces, the curtain rod must have an angle, and the final hanging effect of the curtain is consistent with the direction of the window.

the most important part of corner window is curtain rod. Because the window has an angle, do not fix the curtain rod directly on the wall, which lacks stability. We can fix the bracket on the ceiling first, and then fix the corner curtain rod on the bracket.

4, fixed inclined roof window curtain up and down. Trying to make curtains for such windows is both fresh and interesting. This kind of window is most suitable to use the curtain which is fixed up and down separately. First, the curtain ring used to hang the curtain should be penetrated into the curtain rod, then the curtain rod should be fixed on the wall through the bracket, and finally the curtain with the hook should be hung on the curtain ring.

. Due to the special shape of the inclined roof window, the curtain bracket is generally fixed on the wall that people face the window immediately, and the bracket should have a certain distance from the window.

. The curtain is hung on the curtain ring through the hook on the curtain, so it is very convenient to pick.

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