How to buy Pu’er tea?

Pu’er tea is a kind of black tea. Many times in Guangdong, when you drink morning tea or evening tea, you will come to a pot of Pu’er or Ju Pu tea, which can remove the greasiness. Can lose weight, so when hungry try not to drink Pu’er, because the effect of oil is very obvious, drink Pu’er will be very easy to be hungry. Now many places have begun to drink Pu’er tea, and even for a period of time, the hype is very strong. But how to choose Pu’er tea? Let’s talk about it now.

1. First look at the tea cake to see if it is spring tea. Generally, there are some yellow leaves on the surface of spring tea. Look for “horseshoe”. The buds and leaves of spring tea are a little fatter than those of autumn tea. The texture of autumn tea noodles is stronger than that of spring tea. It looks very smooth. The stripes are longer and thinner than that of spring tea. Autumn tea has no yellow leaves and its surface is very clean.

2, smell the smell of tea cake, good tea party has dry aroma, can not have some peculiar smell, if there is a peculiar smell, we should immediately communicate with the store to discuss, pay close attention to what is the problem, follow-up drink to improve also need to be vigilant.

3, the first bubble after washing tea, pay attention to observe whether the color of tea sea soup is transparent, good soup color should be very transparent, new tea color is light yellow.

4. When drinking, the first feeling should be judged. If the entrance is very astringent, see if there is any body fluid after swallowing the tea. If you swallow the tea and then swallow the saliva, there is no body fluid and the astringency is strong. Most of this tea is Taiwan tea.

5, follow-up attention to Huigan, if the tongue bottom and both sides of the tongue, cheek position outlet water, then the tea quality is better, belongs to the arbor category of old tree tea range. If the root of the tongue even extends to the throat, it’s what we usually call throat rhyme. Generally speaking, it takes tea over 100 years old to have this kind of throat rhyme. It can also produce saliva and astringency on the surface of the tongue. The area of astringency is small and low. There is spring on the bottom of the tongue, feeling on both sides of the tongue, and deep throat rhyme. At the same time, it has these tastes. This tea should be 100-200 years old and above.

6. During drinking, you need to smell the bottom of the tea to see if there is a special taste. Generally, it is ink. Few teas are sweet. If there are other strange smell, it should also be able to taste the coexistence of tea and soup.

7. If you don’t make tea at last, you must look at the tea bottom. This is very important: a good tea bottom has high leaf integrity, and the color of the tea bottom should be yellow green. If you make a lot of stuffy tea and the tea is still green after soaking, it is likely that the tea will be quickly roasted rather than dried.

8. Finally, in my heart, I can make a summary to see if you can tolerate the shortcomings of this tea and whether you appreciate its advantages. If the disadvantages are not obvious and you like the advantages very much, you can consider buying it. If you want to find the perfect tea with all the above points, it’s not that you don’t have it, but it’s expensive. And if it is to buy famous tea, it generally has the regional protection logo, and the pollution-free tea and organic tea have the national recognition logo on the packaging.

Pu’er tea can also be bought for collection, which has a certain appreciation space, but we should pay great attention to the storage, otherwise it will be broken. So in the purchase and storage to

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