How to change the mop head? Selection and maintenance of mops

mops should also be paid attention to when washing. Mops of any material should be cleaned with neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool to clean itself, it is best to put some disinfection water disinfection.

how to change the mop head? Mop selection and maintenance

how to change the mop head

there are several kinds of mops, basically the mop head and the pole can be separated, as long as the mop head is twisted off. Here is a brief introduction to the installation methods of several mop heads:

rotating mop head

first, put a connecting small part on the mop rod, and then put the mop rod into the mop plate. Then screw the connecting piece and the mop plate tightly, and do not loosen them. Finally, put the handle into the mop rod, the process will not be very complicated, you can operate according to the following diagram, if you don’t understand, you can find your mop expert after-sales service, I believe it can be solved perfectly. Next is the installation of cotton head. First, align the mop plate with the cotton head plate and press it down vertically. Then step on the cotton plate with your toes to make a joint sound, and the installation is completed. Finally, when the mop rod and the cotton cloth are in a vertical state, the replacement can be easily completed by stepping on the cotton head with one foot and pressing the mop rod obliquely. Is it very simple? I believe you can easily replace the rotary mop head according to the instructions.

roller sponge mop changing method:

roller squeeze type cotton head generally has four screw holes, the hole spacing of the four screw holes is also commonly used, generally the same length of cotton head can be used in different mops. The function of the four screw holes is to connect the left and right hooks of the mop with the cotton head through the screw holes.

folding sponge mop head changing method

folding patch type is mainly to paste two pieces of ABS plastic sheets at the bottom of the cotton head. When installing the cotton head, just clip the four feet on the patch into the slot at the bottom of the rubber cotton mop. It’s easy and quick for him to change the cotton head. When unloading the cotton head, as long as the right hand holds the middle of the cotton head and gently pushes it back, the cotton head will be unloaded. When loading the cotton head, the opposite method is used.

selection and maintenance of mops. Mop selection seven principles:

1, handle easy to take, not easy to fall off rotation.

2, mop cloth has good water absorption.

3. The material of the mop does not drop debris.

4. Mops are easy to wring out and do not consume power.

5. Mops are easy to remove dirt, clean and do not adhere to dirt.

different needs to choose different functions, for example: the gap under the furniture is small, flat mop can be selected (mop cloth can be removed for cleaning, such as dust holder). 7. The storage space of the home does not occupy the space: when the space area is small, choose the compound mop with the function of wiping at the same time.

pay attention to the color of the plastic part of the mop when purchasing. The plastic part is molded by the injection molding machine, and the toner is put into the injection particles to get out of the mold at high temperature. There are two colors to be carefully identified, one is black, black plastic parts can be mixed with processing materials or waste, poor toughness. The other is gray, which can also be mixed with recycled materials, and the proportion is less than that of black. In addition to the above two kinds of colorants, if the color of plastic parts is pure, it can be judged that they are made of new materials with strong fastness.

mops should also pay attention to maintenance when using:

1. After cleaning, be sure to scrub clean and screw dry and place in a ventilated place to avoid peculiar smell.

2. When the mop has peculiar smell, use diluted bleaching water to clean the mop.

3. When the hair is stuck on the mop, it can be removed with the help of brush or with adhesive tape when waiting for drying.

4. In order to keep the home clean and sanitary, it is recommended to thoroughly clean or replace the mop every two to three months.

5, use with detergent, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to residue, affecting the mop.

advantages and disadvantages of different mops

according to the material and performance can be divided into: rubber cotton mop head, fiber mop head, cotton mop head

rubber cotton mop head:

rubber cotton has strong water absorption, before mopping the floor can not sweep, through the air convection and friction to form static electricity, can dust, sand, hair, not hurt the ground. When using, hands need not be stained with water and dirt, simple and clean. In particular, the replacement of rubber cotton mop head is economical and practical. The disadvantage is that due to the limitation of shape (strip), it is difficult to wipe the narrow gap.

cotton mop head: 6667

cotton materials prefer to dry, more specifically, used in wood flooring can show its advantages. Once the cotton mop is wet, the hair attached to it will be difficult to remove. After wiping it, when you wipe it in other places, there will be marks, and the black marks will not be cleaned. Miscellaneous small things stick to the mop, a mop and bring to the ground, and then have to sweep.. So the cotton mop should be dry as far as possible. And before mopping the floor, it’s best to clean the hair on the floor, or use a vacuum cleaner.

fiber mop head:

the price of superfine fiber mop is relatively expensive, because of the special process, the flat type mop head can contact the ground vertically, which changes the disadvantage of parallel contact between cotton thread and the ground. Because it can be & lt; Intimate contact;, Friction produces static electricity, so it can more thoroughly remove the dirty things in the gap, wipe the ground with almost no wear, and can also be used for polishing and waxing. But use hand or washing machine to clean the mop.

the use of mops

1. In order to extend the use efficiency of mops, it is best to sweep the hair, dust and garbage before mopping.

2. The direction of mopping the floor should follow the grain of the floor as far as possible, so that the dirt can be easily removed and the cleaning effect can be achieved.

3. It’s better to wash the mop with flowing water. If you have the habit of using floor cleaner, the dirty mop can first wash off the dirt under the faucet, then put it into the bucket with cleaner, and then dry the floor.

4. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of various types of mops, and use the right method to improve the efficiency of mops. For example, when a rubber mop is dry and hard, it needs to be soaked in water before it can be used, or some electrostatic cloth mops need to be sprayed with electrostatic liquid before they can be used.

5. Use mop to wipe wood floor. Try not to use mop with high water content, such as microfiber mop. It is recommended that you use dust and dry care. Because the surface of wooden floor has pores, it is easy to absorb water vapor, resulting in fragile floor deformation and shortening life.

mops should also be paid attention to when washing. Mops of any material should be cleaned with neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool to clean itself, it is best to put some disinfection water disinfection. But not all mops can bask in the sun. In general, the mops of superfine fiber, non-woven fabric and collodion materials need to be dried in the air. If they are exposed to the sun, the materials may shrink and deform, and the adsorption effect will be weakened. The cotton mop is going to be in the sun, because if it is wet for a long time, the mop will lose its hair and have a peculiar smell.

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