How to check whether the bed is damp? Life tips you need to know

How to check whether the bed is damp? Life tips you must know

life tips you must know

how to slice fresh bread

first put the knife into hot water to heat, and then you can easily slice it.

how to pick up the glass slag on the floor.

how to make the flower arrangement that began to wither bloom again.

how to judge whether the cooked lobster is fresh

pull the lobster’s tail back and let it go. If the tail bounces back quickly, the lobster is fresh. If it retracts slowly, it is not fresh. How to clean the inner wall of glass bottle.

how to check the bed for moisture

put a small mirror between the quilt and the sheet for a few minutes. If there is fuzzy fog on the mirror, it means that the bed is damp.

how to keep cold compress when sprain

put one end of gauze on the sprain place and immerse the other end in water. Pay attention to the water should be placed high, so as to smooth diversion.

how to pull out the small foreign body inserted into the skin

find a wide mouth bottle, fill it with hot water, and then press the skin part with foreign body tightly on it. At the moment of separation, the foreign body will be sucked out and slide into the water without any pain.

how to ice wine without ice

. But it can be used in outdoor streams). First, wrap the wine in flannel, put it in a container, then put it under the tap and rinse it with cold water for 10 minutes. Then it can be served.

how to wipe the dust on the oil painting

you can use the raw potato as an eraser to wipe on the oil painting, but you have to remove the dirt on the surface of the potato first.

how to make shoes brighter

before applying shoe oil, first divide lemon into two, and then wipe shoes once or several times. After that, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

how to cook cracked eggs

if there are cracks on the eggshell, but want to cook a complete egg, just add a little vinegar to the water, you can get it.

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