How to choose a powerful and easy to use electric fan?

when purchasing electric fans in stores, you should pay more attention to the problem of motor heating. The hotter the motor is, the greater the internal loss is, or the poor heat dissipation capacity is. We also need to pay attention to whether the minimum wind speed is small enough and whether the noise is acceptable. Whether has the remote control function, the remote control may control the electric fan very conveniently, the household best choice has the remote control model.

How to choose a powerful and easy to use electric fan? The classification of

electric fan:

1, rotary leaf type electric fan

, the motor of rotary leaf type electric fan is small, it is almost not prominent after connecting with the fan blade, the whole electric fan is only slightly larger than the fan blade, it is easy to move by adjusting the wind direction through the rotation of the mesh cover in front of the fan blade, but because the motor is small, the air volume is also small.

2, floor fan

floor fan is the most common electric fan, the bottom is fixed by the base, the support rod to raise the height, and then connected with the motor and fan blade. This kind of electric fan has enough wind power, suitable for larger rooms, large steering angle, and takes care of as many spaces as possible. The disadvantage is that the gap of the net cover is large, and it is easy to hurt children.

3, tower fan

tower fan through the internal wind wheel rotation, the wind will be released through the optical flow fan to form air flow, similar to the principle of air conditioning internal unit, the advantages are small occupation, fashionable appearance, but the air volume is general, suitable for small apartment use. It’s a little noisy, it’s not easy to clean up the dust. Because most of the tower fans are not very high, and can not adjust the up and down angle, so the wind direction is relatively low, often blowing legs.

4, air conditioning fan

, air conditioning fan is also called cold fan. In fact, it has nothing to do with air conditioning. There is no compressor for refrigeration. The air conditioning fan draws in air through the motor and releases it after cooling. Usually, water or ice crystal is used for cooling. The air discharged is a few degrees lower than that of the ordinary fan, but it has no effect on the indoor temperature. Therefore, only when the air conditioning fan blows directly on the body can it feel cooler than the ordinary fan. However, due to the use of water for cooling, the humidity of the cool air blown out is high, It’s very easy to get rheumatism when blowing for a long time. If it’s a humid climate in the south, it will get more humid. So there are two sentences to describe the air conditioning fan; If you hate him, send him an air conditioner fan& ldquo; You can buy air conditioners and electric fans, but you can’t buy air conditioners and electric fans together;. What’s more, there were people who wanted to use air conditioning fans as cheap humidifiers.

5, vaneless fan

the vaneless fan was originally invented by Dyson (Dyson) because it has no blades on the outside. In fact, there is a turbine fan below to inhale air into the hollow ring, through the gap set in the ring to supply air. The circular section of the air multiplier is similar to the shape of the aircraft wing, and the Coanda effect and the same effect as the wing lift are used to improve the air volume. Due to the patent problem, at present, except Dyson, only the domestic Shanzhai factories are doing it. Most of the Shanzhai factories are poor in quality, noisy and have small air volume. If you want to have a better experience of the leafless fan, it is recommended to choose the genuine Dyson, but the price is more expensive than the low-end air conditioner, which is about 2000 yuan.

key points of fan selection:

1, number of blades

. Considering the characteristics of rotating balance, generally the number of blades of electric fan is odd, even number of blades is easy to produce resonance when rotating, causing damage. In recent years, there have been many five leaf fans. This is because the more the number of fan blades, the more evenly the wind is cut and the softer the wind is. However, the more the fan blades, the greater the motor load, so the number of fan blades should not be too much.

2, fan motor type

most motors are now aluminum shell, the internal coil using copper wire, aluminum shell is mainly high heat dissipation efficiency, there are also some old fans using iron shell, but iron is heavier than aluminum, not as good as aluminum heat dissipation efficiency.

now many brands of electric fans are advocating their own motors, with some names, such as:

pioneer aluminum core motor. According to the characteristics of aluminum, it is impossible to become the coil material inside the motor, and pioneer’s own propaganda materials are often mixed with aluminum core and aluminum shell, which is a slogan of confusing concepts, and is no different from ordinary motors.

Midea md-sqd motor, in fact, SQD represents safe (safety), quiet (quiet), durable (durable), is not a technical name, and is not very different from traditional motor.

Gree 4S high efficiency motor is similar to SQD motor. 4S represents smooth running, soundless, safe and energy saving, which are not technical names.

although there is no obvious technical difference among the motors of various brands, the motors of big brands are bound to be more secure. As long as the materials and workmanship are reliable, and no advanced technology is needed, they can persist for 10 years.

3, pumawick lubricating oil

pumawick lubricating oil is a fiber solid lubricating oil developed by permawick company of the United States. It has the advantages of high oil content, good oil retention, and can control the oil release rate of the lubricating oil. It has a wide temperature resistance range, so as to extend the service life of the motor. At present, Midea, Gree, Emmett, Xianfeng, Watson and other big brands all have electric fans using pumavic lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil only plays an auxiliary role after all, so it doesn’t need to be too concerned.

4, purchase and use of the need to pay attention to the details of

in the store to buy fans, should pay more attention to the motor heating problem, the hotter the motor, the greater the internal loss, or poor heat dissipation. We also need to pay attention to whether the minimum wind speed is small enough and whether the noise is acceptable. Whether has the remote control function, the remote control may control the electric fan very conveniently, the household best choice has the remote control model.

in use, pay attention to the back of the fan do not have shelter, the fan needs to inhale air to produce air flow. The warranty of electric fans is one year, and there are often problems when they are used in the second year, so it’s better to try whether all functions are normal before the end of the warranty period.

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