How to choose and evaluate the daily cleaning and maintenance of jadeite jadeite

jadeite of high quality is called jadeite. Color, transparency, uniformity, shape and knocking are the methods for ordinary people to watch or evaluate jadeite. Jadeite can be divided into glass type, dark old pit, old pit, gold wire, Youqing, Douqing, Huaqing, Guaqing, etc. Let’s have a look at it.

The appraisal principle of jadeite is

1. The more delicate green, the more valuable.

2, transparency: jadeite internal crystal structure is close, the texture is better, high transparency, what we call & quot; Glass type & quot; It is a kind of jadeite with high transparency. If the jadeite itself is rich in chromium, it forms ice jadeite, which is valuable and difficult to obtain.

3, uniform color: in addition to the delicate green color, high transparency, but also uniform tone is the top grade.

4, defects: pay attention to whether there are cracks, spots, etc., these defects will affect the quality of jadeite.

5, shape: most of the emerald ring face is oval egg shaped, as for other shapes, there are a variety of shapes, the quality and beauty of the shape also has an impact on the price of jade.

6, sculptor or grinder: the quality of the work and the symbolic meaning of the ornaments have an impact on the price.

7, size, thickness: the same quality of jade is large and thick, the price is higher.

8, luster: in addition to the above conditions, the luster should be bright, not dark.

Raw material selection

rubbing is an old rule, also known as moulting or rubbing stone. It is a conservative way to open a gambling stone, because when there is no specific part of jade to be solved, the knife is cut, Green & quot; Solution & quot; So it’s safe and effective. It mainly depends on fog, background and color. Because with the wipe mouth, you can see some changes in the interior of the jade with strong light, so as to judge the depth, width and shade of green. The order of skin cleaning is: one cleaning, two cleaning, three cleaning and four cleaning. There is only one purpose to wipe the stone, that is to find the real green color.

stone cutting

the original cutting method is to use a bow saw to press sand and slowly cut the stone. If it is found that the cutting can not continue, it is easy to take measures to save. There is also a kind of jade cutting machine, the use of coated emery layer cutting blade, accurate and fast, in order to reduce the loss and dust pollution, protect the cutting blade, often use oil immersion cutting machine, but because the clamp holding the stone bubble in the oil or water, it is not easy to see the cutting process, must be completely untied to know the winning or losing, so the first step is to find the right position before cutting. Generally, you can cut the knife from the mouth of the brush or from the window. You can also cut the knife from the loose flower or along the crack. When the color of the first knife disappears, you can also cut the second knife and the third knife. Jargon & quot; One poor, one rich; That’s the truth.


grindstone is for polishing, to show the transparency completely, so that people can see its good color or water. If the raw material is coarse and has not been polished, the method of applying clear water to the raw stone can also be used to increase the transparency of jadeite raw materials. One kind of grindstone is the dark gambling (mengtou gambling), the stone does not have any scratch mark, also does not have the natural fracture; The second is half light and half dark gambling. When there are knocks, scrapes or small gaps on the stone, you can see the clues of water and color inside the gambling stone. You can bet on the other parts that can not be observed smoothly, so there is still a great possibility of gambling.

Cleaning and maintenance of jadeite

regular cleaning and maintenance of jadeite: if the surface of jadeite is dirty due to long-term wearing, clean it with clean water and then gently sweep the jadeite with horsetail bristle brush. In this way, it is difficult for corrosive substances to exist on the surface of jadeite jade for a long time to damage it. Remember, in the bath or exercise, it is best to remove the jade. Because the bath liquid or sweat is containing acid-base corrosive substances, long-term in this environment, it is easy to cause gloss loss. Usually, jadeite can be moistened with a small amount of white tea oil after cleaning. It can not only lock the moisture of jadeite without loss, but also improve the luster and moistening degree of jadeite.

in addition: pay attention to whether the hanging rope is worn and whether the inlaid ornaments are loose when cleaning, so that timely repair and maintenance can be found and sent back to the store for maintenance, so as to avoid the damage and loss of jadeite due to the broken hanging rope and loose inlaid mouth.

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