How to choose baby talcum powder correctly

we all know that baby talcum powder can be used on infants with low stimulation and high safety performance, but in addition to being used on infants, there are many special magical effects. Now let’s come together.

Baby talcum powder is the best use of

1. to make eyelashes more thicker

. Before applying the eyelash, first use some small brushes to sweep some talcum powder on the eyelash, then apply mascara to make your eyelashes thicker. This powder is mainly talcum powder, which plays the role of eyelash base cream, making eyelashes long and plump.

2. Let the hair smoother

sometimes because the time is too rush, and there is no time to wash the hair, then you can sprinkle some talcum powder on the hair, let it absorb the excess moles, the hair will return to the bright and smooth appearance, this is Xiaobian personally used, the effect is surprisingly good.

3. Calm the skin

when shaving, do some people feel skin tingling. In fact, talcum powder can be used to alleviate this state. After shaving, sprinkle some talcum powder on the skin to cool and dry the skin, which is equivalent to the effect of aftershave water and calm the skin.

. make makeup powder

many people will become oily after a make-up. At this time, you can use a larger foundation brush to dip into the powder as a cosmetic powder, so that the makeup can achieve a clear effect, and the powder also has the effect of absorbing excess oil.

5. Calm and cool

before hair removal, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on the hair removal position, so that the wax will be closer to your hair, so that the hair removal effect is more obvious. And it also has a calming effect on the skin.

6. Prevention of abrasions

some people are easy to abrade when they are running because of their clothes, especially when they wear shorts in summer. Because avoid abrasions can be in before going out talcum powder is afraid to hit some on the thigh, can prevent abrasions.

7. Cleaning sand

when going to the beach, bring a bottle of talcum powder. When the sand on the skin is not easy to clean, you can sprinkle some talcum powder. You are afraid to hit the sand with your hands gently, so it is easy to clean up. This also absorbs the water and oil on the skin, so that the sand can not adhere to the skin.

8. Remove beriberi

I think many people have beriberi trouble! Because beriberi is inconvenient for you. In fact, you can use talcum powder to remove beriberi. You can sprinkle some talcum powder inside your shoes, which can prevent your feet from sweating and keep you away from peculiar smell.

9. Keep the photos dry

when many people save the photos, because of moisture, the photos become flowery. At this time, spray talcum powder on every page of the photos, then put them into a paper bag, seal them, and then put them in a cool place for 3-7 days. Then blow away the talcum powder on each page of the photo. The talcum powder particles have absorbed the moisture of the paper, and the photo is dry.

Talcum powder is a kind of talcum powder, which is the earliest and most commonly used raw material due to its cost. With the passage of time, its harm to the body gradually emerged. For example, once talc powder is ingested into the human body, whether it will have potential carcinogenic effect is still uncertain. Therefore, when using, be careful not to be inhaled by the baby, or contact the genitalia( This is especially important for girls).

2. Corn flour is the main component of

. Because the early products with talc powder as the raw material have many disadvantages to the body, this kind of products came out. Its biggest advantage is that the raw material is pure natural, which not only meets the efficacy of this kind of products, but also is safe and non-toxic.

3. Pine pollen is the main component

. The so-called pine pollen is actually pine pollen. Its huge edible and medicinal value has been known for thousands of years. This kind of product was initially used in Jiangsu Province, and gradually popularized to other regions in recent years due to the good market response. Practice has proved that this kind of product has good effect (especially for the baby’s eczema), and no harm to human body. However, the price of this kind of product is higher, which limits its promotion to a certain extent.

4. With pearl powder as the main component,

has a long history in the application of pearl powder in China. The characteristics and functions of pearls are introduced in detail in compendium of Materia Medica of Ming Dynasty. Through modern detection technology, it is confirmed that pearl powder contains a variety of proteins that can repair and protect human skin. Therefore, the talcum powder made from pearl powder can provide the most mild moisture and protection for children’s delicate skin, remove heat and relieve itching, and ensure skin health and refreshing.

How to choose talcum powder

1. Raw materials should be safe 6667

at present, the mainstream product of talcum powder in shopping malls is talcum powder, which is easy to be accepted because of its low price. Its hardness is very low, and after grinding, the texture has been very delicate, the physical damage to the skin is very small. However, some manufacturers may contain asbestos, which is a carcinogen. Therefore, parents should be careful to choose and buy. On the contrary, it is recommended to use talcum powder made of pine pollen or pearl powder. Because these two are pure natural raw materials, both food and medicine, not only safe and harmless to the baby’s skin and body, but also can moisten and protect the baby’s skin.

2. Liquid talcum powder

in addition, parents can also choose liquid talcum powder, its biggest advantage is that there is no dust when using, improving the safety factor. But this kind of price is higher.

3. Pay attention to additive

when selecting talcum powder. Should also pay attention to its additives, to see if these additives are harmful to the baby’s health, whether it will cause baby allergy.

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