How to choose blinds – how to make Roman blinds

how to make Roman blinds

Roman blinds are classic and elegant, and are welcomed by many fashionable and elegant house owners. In fact, this kind of popular curtain style is not complicated. You can make beautiful Roman curtains with it. Let’s do it step by step:

1. Wear the rope of the curtain with a series of rings, and then fix the rope on a ring at the bottom, and the ring is level in the horizontal direction. If necessary, sew the jacket on the horizontal line of the ring and install the wire
2. Sew a pleated ribbon on the bottom of it
3. Decorate the lifting rope with glass beads
4. Glue the black ribbon between the wallpaper and the ceiling with double-sided adhesive
5. Precautions: Roman curtains pay attention to the integrity and symmetry, so we should pay special attention to the problem of the line, do not break the line, and do not let the line entangle. We should pay attention to its length according to its high symmetry requirements

how to choose and buy blinds

there are two types of blinds: fixed and movable. They are made of many thin sheets connected and folded. They not only have the functions of ventilation, shading and sound insulation, but also can shade and cool down, and decorate the room. The blinds are made of bamboo, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy, plastic and flax which are popular in the market

when purchasing blinds, we should pay attention to the specifications first. The length of the concealed blinds (that is, the blinds are inlaid and hung inside the window opening) should be the same as the height of the window, and the width should generally be one centimeter smaller than the left and right sides of the window; The length of the open blinds (that is, the blinds are hung outside the window) should be about 10 cm longer than the height of the window, and the width should be about 5 cm wider than both sides of the window. Generally speaking, the small room is suitable for the blind curtain of dark decoration, and the large room is suitable for the blind curtain of open decoration

secondly, the best way to buy blinds is to coordinate with the color of furniture and walls. If the wall is cream yellow or white, ivory blinds can be used. The walls are light green and can be equipped with grey or green blinds. The furniture of brown red, can choose pink or the louver curtain of champagne color. In this way, warm and cold colors coordinate with each other, making the room elegant and unconventional

next, the design of blinds is also very particular. The blinds used in the living room should be designed with waterfall landscape pattern, which makes people feel like they are in a poetic painting. Decorate bedroom, general optional color is downy, the design is elegant plant is painted, still life is painted or geometric pattern is painted wait, in order to show harmonious and sweet family atmosphere

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