How to choose fruit according to physical condition?

How to choose fruit according to physical condition?

how to choose fruit according to physical condition?

fresh fruits can be seen everywhere. When we see rows of colorful fruits in fruit shops and supermarkets, we can’t help but stop. We have been used to eating fruit every day in our life, but we always choose what we like to eat. For example, some people like to eat apples very much, so most of the fruits in her refrigerator or on her desk are apples. Similarly, people who like to eat cherries always habitually choose cherries, and those who don’t like durian will not eat durian once a year. See what kind of fruit your body needs most at this time, choose fruit according to your own physical condition, absolutely can let your health achieve a more balanced state.


the lung of long-term smoking accumulates a lot of toxins and its function is damaged. Grape contains active ingredients can improve cell metabolism rate, help lung cells detoxification. In addition, grape also has expectorant effect, and can alleviate the respiratory tract inflammation, itching and other symptoms caused by smoking.


high cholesterol seriously affects cardiovascular health, especially those with a history of heart disease, we should pay more attention to the control of cholesterol index in the body. Grapefruit is recognized as the most effective fruit in the medical field. The natural pectin in its valve can reduce cholesterol in the body and prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases.


long time staring at the computer screen or TV screen, excessive use of eyes, the retina depends on the key substance vitamin A consumption, eyes feel dry, pain, fear of light, and even vision decline. At this time, we need to eat papaya which can provide a lot of vitamin A.


gingival health is closely related to vitamin C. People who lack vitamin C have fragile gums, often bleeding, swelling, and even loose teeth. Kiwi fruit vitamin C content is the most abundant fruit, so it is the most beneficial to gingival health fruit.

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