How to choose melon?

in our life, melon is probably the fruit with the most kinds of melons. The colors of this kind of fruit are various, including white, green, golden yellow, etc. in addition to melon, this kind of food is also called cantaloupe and sweet melon, because this kind of fruit tastes very sweet, So we call it cantaloupe. Eating cantaloupe in summer can relieve summer heat, and the nutritional value of cantaloupe is very high, which can timely supplement minerals, vitamins and sugar to our body, but we need to remember that when we buy cantaloupe, we must go through detailed selection.

want to choose to taste better sweet muskmelon, this is a school, only choose to taste good muskmelon, in order to make us more happy when eating, if we choose to

muskmelon is not sweet, then presumably we certainly can’t eat, or even throw away, this will cause us a certain loss. So how to choose melon? Now let’s learn about it.

how to choose melon tips:

melon has two ends: one is a big round head, a small head is the end of the vine. The first step is to see if there is any trace of natural breakage at the junction of vine and melon on the side of small head. There is a saying that melons are ripe. If they are ripe, there will be pits after they fall naturally. Otherwise, the unripe melon is picked with vines on it.

look at the big head: press it with your fingers. If it feels a little softer, it should be ripe. Of course, some varieties of melon taste more crisp, melon big head will be more hard, it is not suitable for this selection.

smell big head: generally ripe melon can smell strong natural aroma in big head, very light or no flavor may be water melon.

look at the quality: when selecting melon, you should first look at the quality, wax yellow is the best to eat. If it’s white, cream is the best. After playing it by hand, it’s delicious with a little trill.

in the selection of different varieties of muskmelon, the white one should choose the one with good skin, the smoother the skin, the whiter the color, the better. Toyota should choose the small one with yellow color and smell fragrant. Yellow muskmelon is also the best one with bright skin, red and purple yellow. Elizabeth melon should smell fragrant and yellow; Elizabeth with umbilicus wants to buy the one with big umbilicus. The umbilicus is soft. Smell the cantaloupe butt. The one with fragrance is delicious Elizabeth.

this is about how to choose melon. I hope the above introduction will help you choose a more sweet melon, which can make us feel more at ease when eating. As a fruit with high nutritional value, melon not only has a very sweet taste, but also can timely supplement the vitamins our body needs, Yes, we can eat it often.

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