How to choose pork?

there is a lot of news that some illegal businesses will sell dead pork. If you often eat this kind of pork, it will be very harmful to your health. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to buy pork so that you can eat healthily. However, most people do not know this knowledge, so they may buy very bad pork, The following small series to popularize some knowledge about the purchase of pork.

1, skin white luster

fresh pork is light red or light pink, skin fat part is shiny white. The fresh pork is gray or dark red, the cut surface is dark gray or dark brown, the skin fat part is dirty, light green.

the color of dead pork is dark red or with bloodstain, and the fat is peach red. The blood vessels on the cut surface of pork can squeeze out dark red congestion. The old mother’s pork tastes bad and is not easy to cook. It has thick skin, many folds, thick hair follicles, grayish white and no luster, and the lean part is dark red.

2, press elastic

fresh pork texture is tight and elastic, after pressing with your fingers, it can immediately recover, with a solid feeling. Generally, the surface of water injected pork is wet, with poor elasticity, slow recovery of depression after finger pressing, and liquid seeps from the section during heavy pressing.

3. There is no peculiar smell when smelling

. Fresh pork has an inherent fresh smell, while rotten pork has a rotten smell both on the surface and inside of the meat.

4, touching non stick hands

, touching fresh pork surface, feeling slightly dry or slightly wet, but not stick hands; The pork that is not fresh will feel dry or sticky to the touch.

5. When you cook meat in water, you can see the color of the soup.

the soup for cooking meat should be transparent and clear, and the oil should agglomerate on the surface of the soup with fragrance. If not, the pork you buy is not

, which is the common sense about purchasing pork. After reading it, you must know how to buy pork now! In the future, you can choose according to these methods, so that you can definitely choose the freshest and best pork. It’s good for your health to eat this kind of pork often, especially if you can’t eat dead pork for the elderly and children often, it may affect their health.

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