How to choose Songhua egg

Songhua egg is a traditional delicacy, and its unique taste makes people forget to return. Songhua egg is smooth in taste, full of color and fragrance. It is mainly made of quicklime and salt. Besides the success of Songhua egg, there will be a white pattern on the surface, containing a unique aroma, which is a rare delicacy. Now let’s take a look at how to choose Songhua eggs?

Songhua egg not only has edible value, but also has certain medicinal value. It has the function of removing fire and sobering up. It can also relieve eye pain, toothache, hypertension and other diseases. Eating Songhua egg can play a variety of health functions.

how to choose Songhua eggs? A hefty: is the egg on the palm of the hand gently hefty hefty, good quality egg tremor, no tremor egg quality is poor;

second shake: take the Songhua egg by hand and shake it next to the ear. The Songhua egg with good quality has no sound, while the Songhua egg with poor quality has sound; And the louder the sound, the worse the quality, even the villain or stink;

three look at the shell: that is, peel off the mud attached to the Songhua egg, look at its shell, and take the egg shell complete, gray white and without black spots as the top grade; In the case of cracked eggs, too much alkali may seep in during the processing, which will affect the flavor of the eggs. Meanwhile, bacteria may invade from the cracks and make the eggs deteriorate;

four Tasting: if the preserved eggs are qualified, the egg white is obviously elastic, and it is dark brown with pine branch pattern. The outer part of the yolk is black green or blue black, and the center is orange red. After cutting, the cross-section color of the eggs is diversified, with the characteristics of good color, aroma, taste and shape. The whole egg of good quality preserved egg is solidified, non sticky, clean and elastic, with translucent brownish yellow and loose texture; The yolk is light brown or light yellow and the center is thin. Poor quality preserved eggs have pungent odor or musty odor.

the above content is about how to choose Songhua eggs, I hope it can help you. Songhua egg has a high nutritional value and health value, but we can not eat more in life, because Songhua egg contains a certain amount of lead in the production, too much intake is not good for the body, we need to pay attention to our health, scientific eating Songhua egg.

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