How to choose the avocado

I believe you should be very familiar with the term avocado? Avocado is a kind of tropical fruit. Of course, we can also see it here. In fact, avocado is also known as avocado. Avocado has certain edible value. Avocado is rich in vitamins, which is one of the driving forces to maintain the normal physiological function of the human body. Therefore, it can provide a lot of energy to the human body. Avocado is undoubtedly not a fruit with high nutritional value, which is very good for the human body.

in fact, the value of avocado is not only reflected in the food, it also has a certain value in the use, has a certain health function. A good avocado can bring people health, delicious, nutrition and so on. Now there is a very important question, that is, how to choose the avocado? Now I’ll tell you how to choose the avocado.

to buy a avocado, it depends on the degree of soft and hard avocado, and skin color. As long as there is no local soft avocado can buy. The details should be based on your storage. If the avocado you just bought feels very hard and its skin is turquoise, it can be stored for one week. Slowly, the avocado becomes a little soft, the skin is still green, or can be put for a few days. When the rind of avocado is completely black, it’s not hard to feel, and it’s soft, it’s time to eat. If you put it again, the pulp in the avocado will be oxidized and turn black. Don’t eat if the pulp turns black.

generally depends on the feeling of pressing or pinching the fruit to judge the maturity of avocado. If it’s hard to press and can’t be pinched at all, it means it’s not mature. You can buy it, but it will take a few days to eat. If it’s very soft, it means that the pulp is rotten. Maybe it’s black inside, so don’t buy it. If the soft and hard is moderate, you can feel a little press, that is the most suitable state for eating. Cut it with a knife, it’s tender yellow green, very light color. No black spots are the best form of avocado.

after reading the above article, I believe you must have gained a lot. I believe you have basically mastered the problem of how to choose avocados. Generally, you can know some differences between good and bad avocados. Fruits bring people vitamins and other nutrients, avocado is no exception, which is rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

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