How to choose watermelon

watermelon is a very common fruit. It has a lot of water. Therefore, eating watermelon in summer can quickly replenish the body’s water. At the same time, the sugar content of watermelon is high. When hypoglycemia occurs, you can choose to eat a watermelon to improve the problem. Eating watermelon is very helpful to all aspects of the human body, The choice of it can be carried out at ease, so how to choose watermelon is not well understood by many people.

in the purchase of watermelon, how to choose watermelon is also to understand, so that when you buy, you will know how to do, so that when eating, in all aspects of the human body, is a very good help.

how to choose a watermelon:

listen to the sound, put your ears close to the watermelon, tap the watermelon with your palm or play the watermelon with a finger. If it is ripe, it will make a “bang bang” sound, if it is raw, it will make a “Dangdang” sound, if it is over ripe, it will make a “poop poop” sound. Can also put the watermelon in the ear, with two hands gently squeeze, ripe melon will crack sound.

times the weight. If it’s two watermelons of the same size, the ripe one will be lighter. And ripe melons will float in the water, while raw melons will sink.

according to its shape, we should choose the watermelon with smooth skin, obvious lines and symmetrical body shape, while the watermelon with pointed head and crooked brain is definitely not delicious. Special attention should be paid to the bottom part of watermelon, which should be full around and deep in the middle. The head of the vine is better to green, other such as black brown, yellow are not delicious.

feel its surface, skin smooth and hard melon is generally better, and the kind of soft sticky skin is not good.

look at the flesh of watermelon. The flesh is light red with sandy pulp. The one with more water is the best to eat. The watermelon with white is not good to eat, and the Cheng big red is not good to eat after the watermelon is ripe and rotten.

look at the number of watermelon seeds. Generally, watermelon with more seeds is not delicious, and it’s too troublesome to spit out seeds, but watermelon without seeds is not so delicious. It is suggested to choose the watermelon with less seeds.

watermelon is selected according to the region, foreign ones don’t know, but domestic ones are the most delicious in Xinjiang and Hainan.

through the above introduction, the above also has a detailed introduction on how to choose watermelon. According to the above methods, we can buy the best watermelon to eat. At the same time, when we buy watermelon, we can also choose to taste it. In this way, we can know whether the watermelon is delicious.

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