How to clean a variety of mobile phone case when the mobile phone case is yellow

when the mobile phone is used for a long time, the outer protective case is dirty, and the whole mobile phone doesn’t look good. Although the mobile phone shell is very cheap now ~ you can throw it away and buy a new one anytime and anywhere ~ but it’s a waste! In order to make full use of your beloved mobile phone cases. Let’s take a look at how to maintain your beloved mobile phone case!

Maintenance method of silicone mobile phone shell

we need to soak the dry rag in water for cleaning once, and then fully screw the water to dry. When there is not much water in the air, we need to wipe the mobile phone shell inside and outside for cleaning once.

if there are dirt and dust on the mobile phone case, use a small toothbrush to stick some toothpaste to clean it. If there are oil stains, use a toothbrush to stick some detergent to clean it.

if there are sticky stains such as glue on the mobile phone case, use a cotton swab to stick a small amount of essential balm on the goods and materials, and then clean them with a small toothbrush, so that the stubborn stains can be removed.

finally, we are using a dry cloth to dry the mobile phone case, and then air dry the mobile phone case or use the wind blown water to dry it, then we can put it on the beloved mobile phone.

Metal mobile phone case maintenance method

first use a wet cloth to clean the dust under the mobile phone case.

there is dust in the gap of the metal mobile phone shell. You can use a toothbrush and soap to clean it. The metal mobile phone shell is easy to clean the dust, so you don’t need to use too much force to brush it. Just brush it once, you can achieve the effect.

if there are particularly strong stickiness and stubborn stains, you can use alcohol or cleaning agent to clean. Alcohol and cleaning agent have good cleaning effect on paints, pigments, and building materials coatings. Compared with alcohol, cleaning agent is not easy to burn, colorless and tasteless, so it is safe to use.

if there is rust, it is recommended to dissolve it with 2% acid grass solvent, spray it on the rust area, and wipe it with paper towel or rag in 2-3 minutes.

finally, wipe the water stains and liquid on the iPhone shell with a dry rag.

Maintenance method of frosted mobile phone case

avoid high temperature as far as possible: because the frosted mobile phone case is mainly made of plastic, it is easy to turn yellow and deformed when exposed to the sun.

try to avoid friction: there will be a layer of small frosting on the frosted mobile phone case. If you rub the mobile phone case too much, the frosting will fall off.

try to avoid falling: Although the mobile phone case is to protect the mobile phone, it should be better to resist falling, but anti falling is just the disadvantage of ultra wave frosting mobile phone case, not only the mobile phone can be easily broken, but also the mobile phone will be damaged when falling.

stickiness is not strong stains: for this kind of stains, frosted mobile phone shell is very good to take care of, just need to use a soft toothbrush gently brush can clean up.

sticky stains: such as chewing gum, paint sticky stains, you can use a soft toothbrush with essential balm or gasoline to clean.

Maintenance method of plastic mobile phone case

keep away from high temperature and open fire. High temperature is the biggest enemy of plastic mobile phone case, and it is also a material with very low burning point. If the plastic case melts, it may directly cause damage to the mobile phone.

avoid folding. The plastic case is very easy to deform. If it’s a hard plastic case, it’s very easy to break. Please don’t use too much force when taking out the case.

regular cleaning, plastic mobile phone shell is also a kind of easy to stick dust mobile phone shell, especially in the gap is particularly easy to block the main dust, it is recommended that you use a week for a simple cleaning.

cleaning with a little dust: the plastic mobile phone case is relatively waterproof, so it’s easier to clean it. Just wipe it with a wet towel. If it’s in the corner, it’s recommended to use a small toothbrush to clean it.

relatively stubborn stains: because plastic mobile phone case is immune to oil stains, most stubborn stains can be simply removed.

very stubborn stains: for example, gum, paint, glue and other sticky stains, it is recommended that you use essential oil drops on the toothbrush for cleaning. You must not use gasoline or corrosive liquid for cleaning, which will cause corrosion to the mobile phone case and harm the human body.

How to clean the Yellow mobile phone case

1. Brush with toothpaste and salt

in fact, our mobile phone case turns yellow because we often use it and have too much contact with the outside world, Accumulated a lot of dust and friction marks. We can first squeeze the toothpaste about three centimeters long and put it on the mobile phone shell, and then brush it with a toothbrush. The main point is not to dip in water at this time, but to dry brush it directly with a toothbrush and brush the inside and outside of the mobile phone shell carefully.

after all the scrubbing, we sprinkle a layer of salt on the previously scrubbed part and then scrub it. When we wipe it inside and outside, we can basically wash it with clean water. At this time, the mobile phone case will be clean again.

2. Use alcohol and detergent to treat

. Alcohol is an organic solvent, which can dissolve the grease and dirt on the surface of mobile phone. This is the most effective way to deal with the serious yellowing mobile phone case. Put the mobile phone case in the basin, add appropriate detergent and anhydrous alcohol into the basin, stir well, then place it overnight, and take it out the next day to clean the mobile phone case, then you will find that the mobile phone case has become very clean and transparent.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide

medical hydrogen peroxide for daily disinfection can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic yeasts. It is generally used for disinfection of object surface. Hydrogen peroxide also has oxidation effect, because the hydrogen peroxide contained in it has bleaching mechanism. Put the mobile phone shell in hydrogen peroxide for a period of time, then take it out and clean it with clean water, you can remove the stains on the mobile phone shell, but you must pay attention to rinse several times to reduce the hydrogen peroxide residue on the mobile phone shell.

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