How to clean bamboo mat

as mites and other parasitic eggs have strong heat sensitivity, before and after the mat is bought or used every year, you should carefully use a brush dipped in hot water to scald the mat surface and crevices, and then dry it in the sun for 20 minutes, which can remove sweat stains, kill allergic and inflammatory insects and eggs, and ensure clean and healthy. It is suitable for children to use straw mat, rattan mat and flax mat with good moisture absorption and air permeability, soft texture and suitable coolness. The mat made of rattan, rush and flax has little friction damage to children’s delicate skin and can minimize the occurrence of baby’s urine rash and diarrhea.

Q: it’s getting hotter and hotter. When I wake up at night, I’m always sweating. I want to change into the traditional mat, but I don’t know how to clean it before using it?

A: the mat is made of rush, cattail and Malan grass. The disadvantage is that it is easy to grow insects. Before use, it’s better to pat it repeatedly, bask in the sun, then wipe it with disinfectant, wash it with soapy water to remove mildew, and put it in a cool place to dry
bamboo mats should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise they will become brittle. Wipe with warm water before use, and then dry in the shade. If the bamboo mat is bigger or uneven than the bed, it is easy to break. Therefore, when you pad the bamboo mat, you should keep the bed flat. In addition, it’s better to wipe the bamboo mat with warm water before and after going to bed every day, which can make it redden in advance and make it cooler to sleep.

flax mat is known as & lt; Natural plant air conditioning;, Very suitable for the elderly and children. Before cleaning, soak it in 40 ℃ water for 10 minutes. You can wash it by hand, but don’t screw it hard. After leveling the mat, dry it in the shade. Also, try not to use the washing machine.

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