How to clean broccoli?

broccoli is a very common food in our life. Broccoli is also rich in nutrition, but how can broccoli be cleaned? Many people find that broccoli looks very clean, but there are a lot of insects and dust in it. If you want to clean it thoroughly, you have to spend a lot of effort. How can you clean broccoli? Here’s how to clean broccoli in detail. How to wash broccoli;

(2) the stem can be cut into small pieces and boiled together;

(3) blanch the cut broccoli in boiling water with salt until it breaks.

2. Don’t cut broccoli

there are many clusters on a whole broccoli, and there are adhesion between them. If you simply cut the clusters together like a cucumber, it’s easy to cut the clusters together. In this way, a lot of green fragments will be scattered on your cutting board, and it’s not easy to cook. So, broccoli is usually broken by hand. You can grasp the root of the small cluster with your hand and pick a small complete broccoli with a pinch, without affecting the side.

if you really need to cut with a knife, it is recommended that you first cut off the thick part of the root of the broccoli, which is generally not edible, and then find the location with the least adhesion to cut it, and then cut the broccoli to the size you want with the same method. Prepare ingredients

2, clean all vegetables, slice garlic

3, slice red pepper, slice carrot

4, cut cabbage into sections, pick and wash Dutch beans

5, boil water, add broccoli, carrot

3 Blanch the cauliflower for half a minute, cut it off, add a little olive oil

7 into the pot, add garlic slices, burn out the flavor

8, add carrots, stir fry for about 1 minute until the color changes soft

9, add Dutch beans, stir fry for about half a minute until the color changes

10, add Chinese cabbage, stir fry until the cabbage is soft

, This paper introduces the cleaning methods of broccoli in detail. Now we should be clear. Broccoli must be cleaned before cooking. There are many ways to clean broccoli. Xiaobian suggests that broccoli should be boiled instead of steamed. Steaming will lead to loss of nutrition. Are you excited? Please go home and make this dish.

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