How to clean curtains

curtains hanging for a long time, dust and other easy to hide in the above, curtains should be cleaned at least once three months. It’s best to wash it every two months in spring and summer. After the curtain cleaning, try not to dehydrate, dry, and should be natural air drying, so as not to damage its texture; The curtain of special material, had better send dry cleaner to wash, in order to prevent deformation.

the material of curtain cloth is easy to get old due to dust and sunshine, so washing is also particular. And for different curtains, there are different cleaning methods.

[1] blind curtain

when cleaning, close the curtain first, spray an appropriate amount of water or polishing agent on it, and dry it with a rag to keep it clean and bright for a long time. As for the pull cord of the curtain, you can use a soft bristle brush to wipe it gently. If the curtain is dirty, it can be washed with dishcloth dipped in some warm water, or it can be wiped with a little ammonia solution& nbsp;

[2] roller curtain

pull it down to a plane and wipe it with cloth. Roller is usually hollow, can be a thin stick, one end tied with fluff into the continuous rotation, can remove dust& nbsp;

[3] curtains made of velvet

the curtains should be soaked in alkaline detergent, gently pressed by hand, washed and placed on the inclined shelf, so that the water will automatically drip dry, and the curtain will be as bright as new& nbsp;

[4] curtains made of canvas and cloth or linen& nbsp;

[5] curtain made of static flocking cloth

this kind of curtain must not be soaked in water to rub or brush, just use cotton yarn head dipped in alcohol or gasoline to gently wipe. If the flannelette is too wet, do not twist it with force, so as to avoid falling down of the flannelette and affecting the appearance. The original appearance of flocking can be maintained by pressing water with both hands or letting it dry naturally& nbsp;

[6] Austrian lace curtain

when cleaning, first use the clothes vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, and then use a soft feather brush to gently sweep, but be careful not to break or skew the decorative lace. The curtain made of common cloth can be wiped with wet cloth, or washed in clean water or washing machine as usual.

cleaning tools : softener, washing powder, feather duster, vacuum cleaner.

operation procedure : different curtains are cleaned in different ways, and the flannelette curtain has strong dust absorption power. After disassembly, shake the curtain by hand to make the surface dust attached to the flannelette fall naturally, and then soak it in water containing detergent for about 15 minutes.

reminder : it’s better not to use washing machine to clean flannel curtains. It’s recommended to use hands to filter water. After washing, don’t wring it hard, just drop it automatically.

the curtain of cotton linen window can be directly put into the washing machine for cleaning, provided that it has been shrunk. If it has not been shrunk, it must be dry cleaned. In addition to the use of washing powder, it is best to add a little fabric softener, which can make the cotton linen curtain more flexible and smooth after washing.

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