How to clean it? Teach you how to clean your home

teach you how to clean your home

1, living room

1, dirt in the cracks of floor tiles

, there are often a lot of dirt in the cracks of floor tiles, you can squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the brush or toothbrush, carefully brush the dirt at the joints of tiles, Then take a small amount of candles to crush and smear on the gap, so that the thickness of the candle is equal to the thickness of the ceramic tile, so that you don’t worry about hiding ash in the future.

2, TV dust

the dust at the radiator of TV is not easy to clean. In fact, you can do this: soak the towel in the detergent mixed with water and softener, take it up and screw it dry, put it on the radiator of TV, cover the radiator completely, lift a corner of the towel and blow it into the TV with an electric hair dryer. Dust has anion, with negative charge, and the softener on the towel contains cation, with positive charge, will be separated from negative charge, so as to achieve the effect of dust removal.

3, carpet cleaning

carpet is difficult to wash, wool and other materials can only be dry cleaned, the thorough cleaning method is to go to the dry cleaner to clean. If you don’t have that time, you can vacuum the carpet first, and then remove the accumulated stains and spots in one year. Coffee stains and tea stains can be smeared with ammonia or glycerin, and then wiped off with warm water; The stains of soy sauce, vinegar and milk can be wiped with water and alcohol; Blood stains can be scrubbed with cold water and then with salt water or lemon juice.

4, sofa cleaning

sofa cleaning methods vary according to different types, in addition to the use of professional leather, wood cleaner, you can also choose some tips. For example: leather furniture can be wiped with egg white, which can decontaminate and restore the luster of leather surface; Solid wood furniture can be soaked in milk cloth wipe, and then clean with water, decontamination effect is good; Cloth art sofa is patted with dry towel first, remove floating dust, wipe cloth face with wet towel again. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, the dust removal effect will be better.

2, bedroom

1, screen cleaning

screen in addition to the removal of water cleaning, you can also wet the waste newspaper pasted on the screen back, to absorb dust clean screen. For the screen windows in the kitchen, you can try to clean them with sponge and washing powder water due to oil stains. In addition, salt can be used to clean the screen. Salt has the function of absorbing dust, and the particles are small, which can clean the cracks, cavities and other places. Or put the washing powder and the cigarette ends left after smoking in the water, and wipe the screen window after dissolving, the effect is good.

2, wardrobe cleaning

, corners easy to fall dust. When finishing the wardrobe, you can take out all the clothes and clean the cabinet first. When there is dust on the surface of the wardrobe, a duster or soft cloth should be used for dust removal; If there are stains on the surface, you can consider using an appropriate amount of neutral detergent or soapy water with a wet cloth to wipe, or use sand wax to wipe away. Do not use corrosive detergent. If possible, you can regularly maintain the finish with oil wax.

3, kitchen

1, range hood

when cleaning range hood, you can first pour out the oil in the oil box, and then soak the oil box in soapy water or warm water mixed with neutral detergent, about 20 minutes, if the oil is stubborn, you can soak for 40 minutes or more, so the cleaning is much easier.

2, sink

if you don’t have a special sink cleaner, you can use salt to clean the oil in the sink. Sprinkle a little salt in the place with oil, then wipe it repeatedly with waste plastic film, and finally clean it with warm water for several times, which can also make the sink as bright as new.

3 and gas range

the easiest time to clean gas range is when the meal is just finished and the temperature is still warm. At this time with a wet cloth and soapy water or soda water wipe, decontamination effect is particularly good; If the gas stove is completely cooled, it will be difficult to clean the dirt such as oil.

4 and

water stains on faucets that are difficult to remove can be removed by orange peel. Rub the stain on the faucet with the color side of the orange belt, and the faucet will be as bright as new immediately. Or with a piece of fresh lemon on the tap to turn a few times, wipe a few times can also remove.

5, cabinet cleaning

when there are stains on the surface of the cabinet, you can use a cleaning cloth, neutral detergent or toothpaste to wipe moderately, then use a slightly wet towel to wipe evenly, and then use a dry towel to dry. It is not suitable to knock the worktable and door panel, and it is not suitable to use sharp tools to depict the surface. Wipe with clean water after use, and wipe the surface with cotton cloth with neutral detergent regularly. Keep dry at ordinary times.

4, bathroom

1, mirror cleaning

because the mirror in the bathroom is in a humid environment for a long time, it will produce water mist to make the vision blurred, and it is difficult to clean it with dry and wet towel. Can besmear a layer of toilet soap on the mirror first, reoccupy dry dishcloth to wipe dry, the mirror restored clear again. This method is also suitable for glass countertops, supports and basins in bathrooms.

2, toilet cleaning

use the remaining soap head, do not lose, use a piece of gauze or old silk stockings to make a small pocket, put the soap head into the water tank of the toilet and hang it tightly. Soap dissolves in water, can have the effect that cleans closestool. As for the outside base of the toilet, which is easy to be ignored by ordinary people, it should be sprayed and brushed with detergent, and washed with water. Finally, it should be dried with a clean cloth, and it will be as white as new!

3, ceramic tile cleaning

after shower, conveniently adjust the nozzle to the cold water level, spray a little to the surrounding walls, you can remove the condensation on the ceramic tiles, several rows of ceramic tiles close to the ground are more difficult to clean, prone to yellow water alkali like dirt, even the brush is difficult to remove. At this time, you can put the toilet cleaning spirit into the spray pot and spray it onto the tiles from top to bottom. After 10 minutes, you can clean it with a brush!

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