How to clean plush toys

many girls like plush toys very much, but they have a headache after playing dirty, and they can’t bear to throw away the dustbin, so they have to let it stay on the dusty side. In fact, as long as you find a way to clean it, it’s still very popular.

there are two cleaning methods: 1. Dry cleaning. ② Wash with water

[1] dry cleaning method to clean plush toys

buy a bag of big salt, namely coarse salt, put the coarse salt and dirty plush toys into a larger plastic bag, and then fasten the bag mouth and shake it hard, you will find that the plush toys are clean. The crude salt is gray black because it absorbs dirt. The principle is to use the adsorption of salt, namely sodium chloride, on dirt. Soda powder can also be used instead of coarse salt, and the usage is the same. This method is more suitable for large plush toys and plush toys that can make sound but cannot be washed.

[2] water washing method for cleaning plush toys.

large toys can find the filling seam, cut the seam, take out the filler (acrylic cotton), special parts can not be taken (better to keep the appearance), use tape to dip the parts that are afraid of wear, put the toy skin into the washing machine to wash, dry, hang in the shade, and pat the toy intermittently to make its fur and filler fluffy and soft. Then put the stuffing into the toy skin, reshape and sew. Then use a comb to gently comb and shape along the direction of the plush.

although washing can not make the plush toys completely change the old appearance, it is much better after washing than before. Generally speaking, the quality of plush and fillings of brand toys is better, and the shape recovered after cleaning is also better. Poor quality wool is easy to change after cleaning.

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