How to clean the gas stove? What you need to know is

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How to clean the gas stove? You must know the cleaning tips

you must know the cleaning tips

1, cleaning kitchen windows

kitchen windows are always greasy, it is not easy to clean them. Don’t worry, just a few plastic wrap. Spray detergent on the kitchen windows and cover them with plastic wrap. After 15 minutes, tear off the preservative film, and then wipe the windows with dry cloth. It’s light and easy. The original greasy windows become shiny, just like the new ones. Try it.

2. Clean the dirt on the gas range

. If you brush with a cleaning cloth and detergent, you can’t clean it completely. Here’s a method: use flour instead of detergent (flour is low gluten, medium gluten and high gluten powder). You can wipe the dirt easily with a cleaning cloth dipped in flour, If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, you need to use a little force. But absolutely not hurt jade hand, not hurt gas stove, after brushing, it’s like a new one.

3, wash yellow stains

teach you a way, without any bleach, you can make the yellow stains on cotton clothes (such as baby clothes stained with stool) become white and bright again. The method is: find a day with a big sun, put all the clothes on the lawn, then use the water pipe to wet the clothes, let the sun dry it, remember to water from time to time, keep the clothes wet (important). After 40 minutes of continuous sun exposure, clothes will become as white as new. This is to use the ozone produced by sunlight and water to bleach clothes naturally.

4 and

are similar to & lt; Dry cleaning;, It’s simple, just shampoo. The steps are as follows: first pour in a small amount of shampoo and dilute it in the basin, then put in the sweater and let it immerse in the liquid for about 10-15 minutes (depending on the number of clothes, in principle, no more than 20 minutes), then take out the clothes, wash them gently by hand, finally put them into the washing net, dehydrate them in the washing machine, and then put them flat and dry in the shade. This method can save the huge amount of laundry fees paid in order to take it to the laundry during the season.

5, clean the cutting board

, do not use hot water to clean the cutting board of fish. Most people think that hot water can achieve the effect of deodorization, but that’s wrong, because fish contains protein. Once washed with hot water, the protein will solidify and retain the fishy smell. The correct way is to wash with salt, then rinse with cold water, and finally put in the sun, so as to achieve the effect of thorough sterilization.

6, cleaning screen

when cleaning screen, add a few filter cigarette ends in the soaked soapy water, the effect will be amazing.

7, to solve the toilet problem

, the general reaction is to buy a bottle of highly corrosive hydrochloric acid and other things to solve. In fact, a more simple, economic, safe and effective way is to pour a basin of about one kilogram of broken ice into the toilet, and then press the water supply button. With the impact of water and ice, any blocking debris can be washed down without causing pollution.

in addition, use jiexieling as a dredger: spray jiexieling (or 84 disinfectant) into the toilet every three or five times, cover the toilet lid tightly for several hours, and then rinse with water to keep the toilet clean and unobstructed.

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