How to clean the greasy screen window

How to clean up the greasy screen window

the greasy screen window can be cleaned by using an aluminum basin filled with 100 grams of flour to form a thin paste. Brush it on the two sides of the screen window while it is hot. After 10 minutes of parking, the paste has absorbed the greasy screen window. Brush it repeatedly with a brush, and then rinse it with water. When the paste is completely cleaned, the greasy screen window will fall off with the paste, The grease on the screen window is also cleaned. Wash it with water again and the oil will be gone.

use a broom to remove the dust on the surface, add 500ml water with 15g detergent, mix evenly, and then wipe both sides of the cloth to remove the oil stain.

use the leftover watermelon peel, apple kernel, cucumber stalk, etc. to wipe the oil contaminated place, which can achieve the effect of removing oil. In this way, where you see it, it’s very convenient and has a good effect on soy sauce and other stains.

the window screen can be replaced, or the window screen can be removed, soaked in detergent water, washed and dried. Add a small amount of milk to the washing powder solution, and the washed screen will be the same as the new one.

spray water on the screen window with a spout, then paste the waste newspaper on the wet screen window, and remove it later.

in addition, you can also put the screen in hot alkaline water, brush it repeatedly with a cloth that is not easy to fuzz, then pour out the alkaline water, and then rinse the screen again with clean hot water, so that the screen will be clean as before.

use the tape & lt; Spray gun ” It is very convenient to spray and wipe, which is conducive to daily cleaning and maintenance. But in the choice of purchase, be careful, pay attention to degreasing ability, corrosiveness, support electrostatic ability, easy to remove and other properties.

you can also use washing powder and the rest of the cigarette butts to put in water. After dissolving, you can use it to scrub the glass windows. The screen effect is very good.

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