How to clean the hair in the hair dryer? How to use the hair dryer correctly?

when the hair dryer is used, the front blow and the back blow. If the hair is sucked in carelessly, it will wind on the fan of the hair dryer and affect the normal operation of the hair dryer. Is there any way to take out the tangled hair? There’s a way.

For the hair tangled in it, you can clean it like this:

1, disassemble and clean

. If the hair dryer can be disassembled, first find a screwdriver to loosen all the screws, and then slowly remove the hair entangled in the fan blade. This requires a certain amount of hands-on ability, oh, pay attention not to tear down the hair dryer.

2, with crochet

, we need a crochet that can go through the filter net, or find a hard wire to bend a small hook, and then pick out the hair in the filter net bit by bit.

Note when using hair dryer:

1, ensure that the distance between the hair dryer mouth and the hair is 5cm, ensure that the hair dryer will not lose the scalp and hair, and prevent the hair from being sucked into the back of the hair dryer.

2. When using the hair dryer, make sure your hands are dry. Do not immerse the hair dryer in water.

3. Keep the hair dryer away from water. Do not use the hair dryer near the bathroom or other water containers to prevent the hair dryer from falling into the water.

4. When the blower enters the overheat protection, it needs to wait for cooling before it can be used.

5 do not block the air inlet or outlet of the hair dryer, keep the air inlet net clean, do not be blocked by hair, it is better to clean when you see hair.

6 after each use, immediately disconnect the power supply, and store it in a well ventilated, dry place away from sunlight after cooling.

The advantages of using hair dryer

1, dry dehumidification. In a family with babies, diapers can’t work in rainy days. Blow it with an electric hair dryer. It works well.

2, electrical dust removal. After household appliances are soaked or affected with damp, electric hair dryer can be used to drive away damp; If the back cover of household appliances with dust is turned over in case of power failure, the dust can be blown away by the cool air of electric hair dryer, so as to avoid short circuit and high voltage breakdown and extend the service life of appliances.

3. If the refrigerator is used for a long time, the door seal will age and become uneven. Blow it with an electric hair dryer, and the original sunken area can be restored to its original state. Then cover it with a cold towel to cool and shape it. Repeat several times, and the door seal will be repaired.

4, refrigerator defrosting. It takes a long time for the refrigerator to defrost every time. If you open the door of the freezer and use an electric hair dryer to blow hot air inside, you can shorten the defrosting time and achieve the intention of quick defrosting.

5, hemostasis. In ordinary days, if you accidentally cut a part of your body to bleed, you can immediately blow hot air to the wound with an electric hair dryer, which can make the wound scab and stop bleeding in a short time, which is of great help to avoid wound infection and accelerate wound healing.

6, health care. For patients with low back pain or periarthritis of shoulder, before sticking the plaster, you can blow the handle with an electric hair dryer for a while, and then apply the plaster after a little massage, which has obvious therapeutic effect. In addition, with the hair dryer at the affected area, adhere to the appropriate interval blowing hot air, 5 ~ 10 minutes each time, can reduce the pain.

How to use the hair dryer to blow

1 correctly. After washing the hair, wipe the excess water with a dry towel, then divide the hair, and fix the external hair on the top of the head with a clip. Because it’s a better way to blow dry your hair.

2. Remove the hair from the top of the head and dry it in two parts. Insert your hands into the hair to comb and dry it with a hair dryer.

3. Divide the lower part of the hair into two sides, extend five fingers into the hair, comb the hair from head to tail with fingers, and dry it with a hair dryer.

4. Divide the hair on the side into two parts with the ear as the boundary, comb it slowly from the hair root to the hair tip with a drum comb, and place the blower on the side for air supply. The hair behind the ear is treated in the same way.

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