How to clean the ink stains on your hands

how to clean the ink stains on your hands

in the process of using the pen, many children operate improperly and make their hands full of ink, and there are still traces when they wash with soap. How do we clean the ink stains on our hands?

1, rice soup + hand sanitizer

use boiled rice soup to smear ink stains, then wash with hand sanitizer, finally rinse with water, repeat 2-3 times, ink stains disappear after testing. Disadvantages: the supplies are troublesome.

2, essential balm + wipes

rub essential balm on the ink stains for 2 minutes, wipe it off with a wipes, the ink stains become half light, repeatedly scrub 3-5 sides of the ink stains completely disappear. Washing successfully does not hurt hands.

3, disinfectant + hand sanitizer

, first rub your fingers with disinfectant for 2 minutes, and then soak them in hand sanitizer for 3 minutes. After testing, the ink is still obvious. After repeated washing hands, it can gradually subside. Disadvantages: injured hands, long time.

4, make-up remover + detergent

slowly apply make-up remover on hands, rub for 2 minutes, then rub with detergent for 2 minutes, rinse with clean water. After testing, the ink is slightly reduced, which can be repeated for many times and gradually fade. Disadvantages: long time.

5, alcohol + soap

pour some alcohol on the hand, rub it with soap for 3 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water. After testing, the ink is reduced by half, and then it can be gradually eliminated after repeated several times. If you can’t clean it, apply mustard on it, and the ink stains will fade away. Disadvantages: hurt hands, supplies trouble.

6, gasoline + shampoo

pour gasoline into palm, then squeeze some shampoo, rub for 2 minutes at the same time, and then clean. After testing, the ink is reduced by 80%, but there is still ink shadow, which can be repeated twice to eliminate the ink stains. Disadvantages: hurt hands, supplies trouble.

7, toothpaste + washing powder

apply toothpaste on the ink stains, put a little water on it and rub it continuously, then add a little washing powder or washing liquid and rub it again. After the ink stains are removed, just go through the water again.

8, banana water + washing powder

rub with banana water, add washing powder, and then rinse with clean water. After testing, the ink is very weak, and then wash again, the ink stains can gradually fade. Disadvantages: hurt hands, supplies trouble.

9, rushes + bitter almond

if the ink stains stay for a long time, it will be more difficult to clean. You can also try to use the rushes and bitter almonds to scrub. Of course, the rushes must be soaked into liquid first, and then the ink stains will be soaked in it for half an hour, and then the bitter almonds will continue to scrub, so that the stubborn ink stains will slowly fade.

10, milk + soap

soak the ink stains in warm milk. After ten minutes, scrub them by hand. If you still can’t get rid of the ink stains, apply soap and rub them with some water. At this time, the ink stains will fade slowly.

11, cold water + washing powder + glycerine

soak the ink stains in cold water, add washing liquid or washing powder to scrub, then apply some glycerin, place for one or two hours, then soak them in warm soapy water exposed to the sun, and scrub them by hand continuously, so that the ink stains can be removed.

washing method of printer ink:

method 1: scrub with gasoline, and then wash with detergent.

method 2: soak the contaminated clothes in carbon tetrachloride, rub and wash them, and then rinse them with clean water. If it cannot be cleaned with clean water, wipe it with 10% ammonia solution or 10% sodium bicarbonate solution, and then wash it with water.

method 3: soak the ink stained clothes with equal parts of ether and turpentine mixture, and wash them with gasoline after softening.

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