How to clean the pillow

How to clean the pillow is better

the pillow can give us a warm and warm feeling. All of us have a special love for the pillow. After many people’s hands have been used for a long time, it is inevitable that the pillow will be dirty. If it is dirty, we will discard it. It’s too wasteful. We will choose to clean it, but because it’s made of cotton, if we don’t pay attention to the cleaning, It’s easy to deform and never get back to its original shape. How to clean the pillow?

partial cleaning, please use a dry cloth (soft brush if necessary), dip in a little neutral detergent, remove stains with emphasis, and then dry it.

overall cleaning

warm water is injected into the bathtub, neutral detergent is poured into the bathtub, the pillow is gently rubbed in the water, after it is taken out, it is carefully rinsed with hot water, the water is squeezed out with a large towel, the original shape of the pillow is adjusted, and the wool is combed again after it is exposed to the sun on a sunny day.

please avoid using washing machine or dryer in order to avoid the breakage of tailor and cloth and the shedding of eyes.

you need to keep the pillow soft. You can often sun the doll or pillow on a sunny day.

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