How to clean the screen window if it can’t be removed

screen window cleaning tips

screen window cleaning is not difficult, you can refer to the following methods:

1, if the screen window can be removed, take down the screen window first. Then use a clean towel dipped in detergent water to wipe the screen. Or put the screen window flat on the floor of the bathroom and brush hard. Wait until the screens are wiped again, you can use a shower or faucet to wash, until the screen is clean, put in the ventilation place to dry.

2. Wet the old newspaper and cover it tightly on the screen window. When the newspaper is dry, replace it with a new wet newspaper and repeat the action. Repeated several times, the screen also has a certain cleaning effect.

3. If you think washing is too troublesome, you can put the screen on the ground and use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust bit by bit.

4. After soaking with sponge, wipe the screen window. This method is relatively simple and saves time.

these methods are only applicable to the screen window cleaning of the living room, and other methods are needed for the screen window cleaning of the kitchen.

invisible screen cleaning

screen is mainly used to prevent mosquitoes and dust. Now there are many kinds of screen, including invisible screen and detachable screen. How to clean the invisible screen?

deal with the invisible screen window with oil stain

1. Gently brush the dust on the surface with a soft brush, then dip two sponges in some washing powder solution or soapy water, hold one in one hand, clamp the same part of the screen window from both sides, wipe it from top to bottom, from left to right, and finally wipe it with clean water. In this way, the screen dust can be removed.

2. Dilute the flour with boiling water, open it according to a certain proportion, wait until the paste water is slightly cool, add an appropriate amount of washing powder, and mix well. Brush the paste water directly on the sand bed with the special brush for screen window. When the paste is dry, tap on the screen. At this time, dirt, stains will fall off with the flour.

screen window cleaning without oil stain

1. First watch the glass window of the screen window, put a large newspaper between the screen window and the glass window, and then use a vacuum cleaner to stick the screen window to absorb the dust bit by bit.

2. The old newspaper is stained with water and pasted on the screen window. When the newspaper is not dry, take it down and do it repeatedly for several times. The screen window is very clean.

kitchen screen how to clean

1, flour and water into a thin paste, and then evenly painted on the screen, a few minutes later, it can be washed clean with water.

2. Wipe the stains with dry cloth several times to remove the excess stains. Pour Libai detergent into clean water and mix well. Prepare a small spray bottle, pour detergent water into it, and then spray it on the stains. Remember not to use too much. Then you can gently wipe the stain, the stain will slowly eliminate. Finally, wipe the detergent water on the screen with clean water.

if there is oil on the screen window, there is a simpler trick. You don’t need to remove the screen window. Take a piece of newspaper and spread it on the screen window first. Then spray it with a watering can to get wet. When you take down the whole newspaper, the oil will stick down naturally.

how to clean the screen window if it can’t be removed

now many people’s screen windows can’t be removed at all. It’s very disturbing to clean them. Once the invisible screen is installed, it is very difficult to remove it. Even if it can be removed, it is also very difficult to clean it. It is better to clean it directly on the window.

1. Spray the screen window with a spray bottle, and clean while spraying. If the pressure is higher, the whole dust can be washed out.

2. If you don’t put down the screen completely, wipe the cloth with washing powder water. Wipe the place is the root of the screen, gauze can also be tight, hard dust out.

3. The waste newspaper that I read at home is soaked and pasted on the screen window. When it is dry, remove it and paste a new layer of wet newspaper. The screen window can be cleaned several times. If it’s the screen window in the kitchen stained with oil smoke, this method is not suitable for the screen window that can’t be disassembled, because the semi dry newspaper will fall down. The cleanliness of the screen window cleaning by this method is general, and the process of waiting for the newspaper to air dry naturally is relatively long.

4, sponge has a certain degree of adsorption, so sponge wipe screen effect is very good. Soak the sponge, squeeze out excess water, and then clean the screen. There will be a small amount of laundry powder water foam on the screen window, but wipe the sponge with fresh water.

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