How to clean the screen window

summer has passed, and gradually entered the cool autumn. The screen window is about to be put away. Before putting it away, the screen window should be cleaned well for the next year.

methods for cleaning the screen window 1 :

① first, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt on the inside and outside of the screen window (suction the inside first, so as to avoid cotton wadding or dirty things sticking in the screen window gap). (2) take a large piece of cloth (old clothes, etc.), paste the cloth on the screen with adhesive tape, and spray detergent on the cloth.

③ after a period of time, remove the large cloth, sponge wet, wipe off the dirt on the screen, and then clean the dirty sponge, so repeatedly clean the sponge and wipe the screen, and finally dry the water with a dry cloth. Pay attention not to wipe too hard to avoid loose screen.

cleaning method 2 :

use a soft brush to gently remove the floating dust on both sides from top to bottom and from left to right; Then use two sponge or plastic foam, dip in some washing powder solution or soak soap with remaining soap head, hold one piece in one hand, clip the same part of screen window from both sides, first up and down, then wipe left to right. Finally, dip it in clean water and gently wipe it according to the above method, so that the dust and dirt on the screen can be completely removed, and the yarn gap is clean.

cleaning screen method 3: wash screen with thin batter. After 15 minutes, the batter has been inhaled the dust on the screen. At this time, brush it repeatedly with a brush, and the dust will fall off with the batter. Then wash it with clean water again, and the dirt is gone.

cleaning screen method 4: clean the screen with newspaper

tools: newspaper, small spray bottle
Step 1: lay the newspaper on the screen and smooth it by hand
Step 2: spray water on the newspaper with a small spout. Don’t get too wet, just wet
Step 3: flatten the newspaper with a brush; In this way, the newspaper is close to the window, and the newspaper can suck up the dirty things on the screen; Repeat this until it is clean.

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