How to clean the stubborn dirt on the stove? Tips for cleaning the stubborn dirt on the stove

when cooking every day, you can’t avoid dirtying the stove. Whether it’s because the oil in the pot spurts out, or the ingredients fall out of the pot, it will leave stains on the stove. It’s like wiping the stove every time you finish your meal, As time goes on, it is still possible to have stubborn scale that is not easy to remove. Now, let’s get to know the tips for cleaning the stubborn scale of stoves together!

: Tips for cleaning stubborn scale in stoves

1, baking soda powder + hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is a common bleach and disinfectant. It can be used with baking soda to make a powerful cleaner, First of all, wipe off the dirt that can be wiped off the stove as much as possible, then sprinkle baking soda powder on the stubborn stains that can not be wiped off, the amount of which should completely cover the stains, and then drop an appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide on the baking soda powder, the contact between the two will start to bubble, and the dirt will be separated. Finally, just use a clean cloth and water to wipe the dirt clean.

2, baking soda powder + salt

if you don’t have hydrogen peroxide at home, you can also mix ordinary salt with baking soda powder, but hydrogen peroxide is more effective. To clean the stove, just mix 1 tbsp of baking soda powder and 1 tbsp of salt, then add 1 tbsp of water, mix all the materials into paste, then use a clean towel to dip the paste, and directly scrub the dirt on the stove. After a while, pour the remaining paste to the place where it was just scrubbed, and wait for about 3 minutes, Clean the stove with clean water and another clean cloth.

3, baking soda powder + lemon

lemon has the function of degreasing. After mixing lemon with baking soda powder, it can not only clean the stove, but also clean the stubborn stains on the oven and baking plate. As long as enough baking soda powder is sprinkled on the stove dirt, and then cut the lemon into half to rub baking soda powder and stains, Then use a wet clean towel to remove the baking soda, lemon juice and dirt from the stove.

4, baking soda powder + detergent

pour baking soda powder and detergent into a bowl at a ratio of 1:1, mix and stir to form a texture like cream, and after a little foaming, pour the mixture to the dirty place on the stove, and then brush the dirt back and forth with a suitable tool, and then brush the dirt again after an hour, Can easily brush, and finally clean the stove with clean cloth and water.

5, vegetable oil or olive oil + multifunctional cleaner


Pour a small amount of vegetable oil or olive oil on the stain on the stove, and then rub the oil back and forth into the stain with a clean rag, Then spray any kind of multifunctional cleaner on the oil, and then use another wet clean cloth to wipe off the cleaner, oil and stains.

, white vinegar

, if you are not afraid of the smell of vinegar, you can mix the white vinegar and the clear water in the ratio of 1:2, put it in a clean spray bottle, spray it to the dirty place on the stove, then use a clean cloth to rub the vinegar and dirt, repeat the steps until the dirt is removed.

7, boiling hot water

in fact, we can also use boiling hot water to remove the dirt on the stove, but it is more dangerous to do so, and it may be scalded by hot water. It is suggested that after the hot water is slowly drenched to the dirty place, when the water gets cooler, we can use a clean rag to wipe off the dirt, if there is a small amount of residue, Repeat the above steps until they are completely clean.

how to clean kitchen oil? How to clean the range hood” />

Every time you use the range hood, there must be a layer of oil on it. The surface is easy to wipe, mainly in the groove of the range hood. When you use it for a long time without cleaning it, There will be a thick layer of oil inside. Some of the oil that can be poured out can be poured out first. Put the oil box into the adjusted warm water containing detergent and soak it for about 30 minutes. After that, it will be easier to clean.

2, kitchen floor oil stains more difficult to clean

, we can prepare a kitchen mop, when cleaning, wet the mop, pour in the right amount of vinegar, and then mop the floor, you will find that compared with the tap water mop, this land will be very clean, very easy to remove the oil. You can also use expired bread to wipe off the oil stains gathered together. The bread contains starch, which is easy to absorb oil, and the expired bread will not be wasted.

3. Clean up the gas stove

. If you want to fry vegetables, you must use the gas stove. However, when you fry vegetables, sometimes the vegetables will fall out and the oil stains will splash out. When you clean up, you may just use a wet cloth to wipe it slightly, but after a long time, you will accumulate some dirt that is difficult to remove, At this time, the white vinegar used in our daily cooking will come in handy. Mix the white vinegar with warm water and wipe it with sponge or soapy water to achieve a strong decontamination effect. Finally, you can wipe it after finishing the meal, which will make it easier to wipe it clean.

4, how to remove the scorched pot

when the pot is scorched, we can prepare some baking soda, add an appropriate amount of water in the pot, and then add a small teaspoon of soda powder, boil until boiling, pour out the water after the water cools, and then brush the pot with a sponge, it will be easier to remove the scorched part.

5, pot cover oil cleaning

pour water into the pot, you can add an appropriate amount of detergent, put the pot cover on the pot, wait for the water to boil, the steam in the pot will wrap the pot cover, boil for a few minutes, the oil on the pot cover will become soft, it is easy to clean, farewell to the greasy pot cover.

6, how to clean ceramic tile


When cooking, the oil usually splashes on the tiles on the wall. If it’s not cleaned, it’s easy to accumulate more oil stains and it’s more difficult to clean. We can prepare a mineral water bottle that is empty, Add half a bottle of water, pour in a spoonful of washing powder, two spoonfuls of vinegar, three spoonfuls of alcohol, shake well, poke a few small holes in the cover, spray on the wet sponge, you can easily remove the oil stains on the tiles.

7, how to clean the sink

after washing, there will always be some dirt in the sink that is difficult to wash off. We can sprinkle salt in the sink, do not add water, wipe it with sponge, and then rinse it with water for several times, then it will be very clean.

8, refrigerator cleaning

refrigerator is also an indispensable part of the kitchen, after a long time of use, the refrigerator often looks dirty, you can use warm water to wipe the refrigerator surface, the middle of the slit can be wiped with a cotton swab, if the back is dusty, you can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust. You can also put some fresh grapefruit peel in the refrigerator, which can remove the odor very well.

9, rag cleaning

rags used for a long time will be black and ugly, you can put the dirty rag into the pot with clean water, add the raw eggshell to boil for a few minutes, after drying, it will become like a new rag, so when we eat eggs, the eggshell can not be thrown away, but also be used as waste.

kitchen is very easy to reflect a person’s characteristics. A clean and comfortable kitchen will make friends at home feel very comfortable. You will feel that you are a very careful person. Even the kitchen can be taken care of so carefully. Your usual style must be a warm person.

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