How to clean the towel when it’s dirty? How to clean dirty towel

towel is what we use every day to wash our face and hands. New towel will soon become dirty and old, beyond recognition, especially the towel in the kitchen. With the ordinary way of cleaning, there will still be residual marks, and the towel commonly used in the kitchen, there will be a bad taste. Using a simple method can keep the towel clean for a long time without peculiar smell. In addition to making the towel clean, it can also disinfect the towel!

cleaning method of towel.

put the towel into the pot, pour in boiling water, the amount of water should be less than the towel, pour in salt, bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium and low heat and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

take out the boiled towel, rinse it with cold water, screw it dry, put it on the clothes rack, and dry it in a sunny and well ventilated place.

towel cleaning skills

1. If more than one towel is cooked together, it’s better to separate the pure color and the colored one. Otherwise, once the colored towel is faded, other spring color towels will be dyed.

2. The container for boiling towel should be larger, and there is space for circulation between boiling water and towel.

3. Don’t forget to put salt into it. It’s all up to you to wash dirty towel and to kill poison and odor with smelly towel. The amount of salt depends on the amount of towel.

4. In addition, remember not to cover the towel when cooking. This is totally different from stew.

5. Wash the boiled towel with clean water, and then hang it in a sunny and ventilated place.

how to use it. Each person should use 4-5 towels per day. There are small towels for face washing, foot washing, bath and daily personal maintenance. For women, a personal physiological towel should be added.

2. Pay attention to the hygiene of towel, wash, cook and sun frequently, and disinfect the towel once a week. Don’t hang the wet towel in the airless toilet, because bacteria and viruses live in the wet towel for a long time, and the propagation rate increases geometrically.

3. Everything has a service life. Home textile experts believe that the service life of towel should be about 3 months. After the service life, the towel will be polluted and may harden, which may be harmful to health and become a new source of pollution.

4. When you buy towel products, you should choose them carefully and don’t want to be cheap. Many low-cost towels look beautiful and feel good, but in fact, they may be made from waste materials and inferior chemical dyes. Some chemical dyes also contain carcinogens such as aniline. People wash their face with this kind of towel, just like washing their face with industrial waste water, will seriously damage their skin and health.

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