How to clean the windows quickly?

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How to clean the windows quickly?

how to clean windows quickly?

1. It’s a prop that doesn’t shed wool. It’s cotton yarn, dipped in warm vinegar and then cleaned the glass, with high efficiency and good quality.

2, silk stockings, this is not an ordinary rag, wipe glass with silk stockings will not leave fabric fibers because of static adsorption, can make the glass more clean and bright.

3, sheepskin or microfiber wipes will not leave any dander.

4, onion slices.

2. Cleaning reagents:

1, soapy water:

hot soapy water with a few drops of ammonia water. Pay attention not to let the water enter the reverse side of the mirror, otherwise it will etch the reverse side paint, and then damage the reflective layer.

2, beer

beer will have watermarks and traces, but also can make the gilded frame, picture frame or glass bright as new. Other useful chalk, grey water, gypsum powder water, and the rest of the tea, oil or Baijiu, soda, and Lonicera solution.

3. Scrubbing technology

1. Clean the dust around the glass first.

2. When scrubbing, wipe from one end of the glass or mirror to the other, from top to bottom, from left to right.

3、“ One wet and one dry; Replace and scrub each other until sprouting & lt; There is nothing in the glass, where does it make dust; My feelings.

4. Investigate the glass or mirror on the side to check the cleaning effect. If necessary, wipe it several times.

4. Safety:

when cleaning glass at high altitude, safety is the first thing. Don’t stand blindly on the windowsill, outside the window or on the flimsy anti-theft grille. Don’t wipe the glass by one person. At least one more person is needed to cooperate. We must do a good job in protection. Never lean out of the window! Choose professional things, even if you don’t want to use a wiper, bubble free glass water, powerful universal cleaner, etc., at least one glass scraper is equipped, which is suitable and convenient. The polished glass is bright and not easy to be stained with dust.

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