How to clean your teeth? Teach you super useful life knowledge

How to clean your teeth? Teach you super useful life knowledge

super useful life knowledge

1. When brushing, make sure that your toothbrush is tilted upward rather than horizontally. Brushing with a light point of view cleans the gums and, together, prevents allergies.

2. If you are wearing a tie in a strong wind, you can put a coin in the crease of the tie to prevent it from being blown disorderly.

3. When shoveling snow, put some spray on your shovel to avoid sticking the pot, and the snow will slide down voluntarily.

4, washing sponge bacteria more than toilet seat dirty 20000 times! Put the sponge in the microwave for 15 seconds to kill bacteria.

5. Put the folded sheets in the same pillowcase, and you can put them into the wardrobe in an orderly way.

6. If you use prepaid credit card to sign any online trial products, your bank account will not be deducted next month.

7. Raise your chin when swallowing pills and lower your chin when swallowing capsules. As the tablet sinks in the water, the capsule floats in the water.

8. Don’t you have time to iron? Put wrinkled clothes and wet towels in the dryer for five minutes.

9. If you have a pet at home, fold your clothes upside down to avoid animal hair sticking to your clothes.

10. If your child has an extra loud toy, stick a piece of transparent tape to the speaker (such as the loudspeaker). The sound will still be heard, but it will no longer be loud.

11. If your mobile phone accidentally falls off the table, gently kick your mobile phone with your foot before it falls to the ground to avoid damaging the screen.

12, want to take self photography with your pet? Can put some dog food on the camera.

13. Fold the soft food in the zipper bag before taking it out. It will be easier to pull it up after opening.

14, it’s raining, but you don’t have an umbrella? Find a bar! Every bar brings together the umbrellas you left there. Maybe you can get one.

15. If you dial 110 by mistake, don’t hang up. Inform the operator that you accidentally typed it so they don’t need to send someone out.

16, jewelry in soda water for 2 minutes can play an excellent cleaning effect.

17. When you send your coat to the store’s cloakroom outside, take a picture of your coat number to avoid losing it.

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