How to control appetite?

How to control appetite?

harm of overeating; Waves & quot; Spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, induce neurasthenia.

2, fatigue: eat too much, will cause brain slow response, accelerate brain aging. When people are full, their blood runs to the gastrointestinal system; Work & quot; It is easy to make people tired and drowsy for a long time.

3, stomach disease: the direct harm brought by overeating is the aggravation of gastrointestinal burden and dyspepsia. In addition, human gastric epithelial cells have a short life span and should be repaired every 2-3 days. If the last meal is not digested, and the next meal is filled up, the stomach is always in a state of fullness, the gastric mucosa is not easy to get the opportunity to repair. The stomach secretes a large amount of gastric juice, which will damage the gastric mucosa, and is prone to gastric perforation, gastric erosion, gastric ulcer and other diseases.

4, obesity: modern people often eat high-fat and high protein food, which is more difficult to digest, and the surplus & lt; Nutrients & quot; Accumulation in the body, the consequence is that obesity and a series of wealth, obesity will bring, including cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, cholecystitis, etc., plus the resulting complications, may reach hundreds of kinds, very terrible.

5, kidney disease: excessive diet will hurt the urinary system, because too much non protein nitrogen to be discharged from the kidney, is bound to increase the burden of the kidney.

6, intestinal diseases: fat blocked in the intestine, will cause intestinal obstruction, stool black, with blood.

7, osteoporosis: long term satiety is easy to cause excessive bone decalcification, the probability of suffering from osteoporosis will be greatly improved.

8, acute pancreatitis: eat too much dinner, plus drinking too much, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis.

9, Alzheimer’s disease: about 30-40% of Alzheimer’s patients have the habit of long-term satiety in their young and middle-aged.

10, cancer: eat too much will cause the inhibition of cell cancer factor activity decreased, increase the risk of cancer.

how to control appetite? Take in enough water before and during meals! It doesn’t matter whether you drink water or tea. If you’re worried about not enough vegetables, vegetable juice is also a good choice. Drink sauce and soup are easy to produce a sense of satiety, at the beginning of a meal or effective.

2, light diet

are you only able to eat when the dishes taste very strong? If you always pay attention to eat some light food, you can prevent overeating. For example, when eating beef and rice, it is recommended to order a small plate of beef and a bowl of rice respectively. Because if you use a big bowl for beef, you will subconsciously eat more.

3, exercise before meals

a small amount of exercise before meals can increase blood glucose. The rise of blood glucose can temporarily suppress hunger, and then play a role in suppressing appetite. If it’s eating out. Maybe walking is a good idea.

4, chew slowly

it’s better to chew brown rice and red bean glutinous rice than to eat noodles like drinking water. Because if you are willing to spend time on eating, you can also prevent overeating.

5, a small amount of more meals

if you are in a hurry to eat, you will overeat. Because only when there is enough time to eat, the amount of food will become smaller.

if there is not enough time, the recommended method is not to stick to three meals a day, separate the number of meals and reduce the amount of meals equivalent to one meal.

what happens after overeating; Make up for what is lost;

“ Overeating & quot; After 1 hour, drink hot tea to relieve the greasy feeling, take a walk, don’t let the heat store up immediately. Guilt is inevitable, but don’t start to degenerate because of it. Think about how many calories you take and record them! Don’t let the big bang happen again.

“ Overeating & quot; In the next 2 hours, you can do more vigorous exercises, such as mountain climbing and swimming, to consume as many calories as you can. On the bright side, the nutrients from the Big Bang can help develop muscles through exercise.

“ Overeating & quot; After 12 hours of fasting, let the stomach rest. For example, if you eat a bowl of instant noodles at 12:00 in the middle of the night, you usually feel bloated at breakfast the next day, so you omit it and don’t eat it until 12:00 at noon.

“ Overeating & quot; In the next 24 hours, the next two meals should reduce the intake of calories as much as possible to balance the excessive intake of calories due to the big bang.

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