How to cook mung bean soup? How long is it best to cook mung bean soup

? Cook mung bean soup instead of tea in summer, which not only replenishes water, but also relieves heat and heatstroke. Mung beans have unique effects of clearing away heat and detoxification. Therefore, people have used mung bean soup as a traditional summer classic drink for a long time. If you add some white sugar or rock sugar to it and chill it in the refrigerator, it will increase the coolness.

how to cook mung bean soup? How long is the best time to cook mung bean soup

many people have a misunderstanding that the more you cook mung bean soup, the better the soup. In fact, this is unscientific. Raw mung beans have the strongest effect of clearing away heat, detoxification and fire. Their nutritional components and drug effects are the best. After heating, they will change with the change of temperature. So cook mung bean soup and cook mung beans until they are just cooked. At this time, the nutrients of mung beans are boiled, which not only has good color, flavor and heat clearing effect. Nutrients of

mung beans:

mung beans are rich in nutrients and are a kind of beans with high economic and nutritional value. Every 100g of grain contains 22% ~ 25% protein, 1.2% ~ 2% fat, 58% ~ 60% carbohydrate, 4.2% crude fiber, 49 mg calcium, 268 mg phosphorus, 3.2 mg iron, 0.22 mg carotene, 0.12 mg riboflavin and 1.8 mg niacin. The protein content of mung bean is 2.3 times that of wheat flour, 2.7 times that of millet, 3 times that of corn flour, 3.2 times that of rice and 4.6 times that of sweet potato flour. Straw contains 16.2% protein and 1.9% crude fat, which are higher than corn stems and leaves. It is a good feed for livestock. Mung bean is high in protein, medium in starch, low in fat and homologous to medicine and food. Mung bean has good palatability, easy digestion and simple processing technology. It is a favorite raw material for food and wine making, known as & ldquo; Green Pearl & rdquo;.

mung bean is a heat clearing and detoxifying drug, which has pharmacological effects such as anti-inflammatory, sterilization and promoting phagocytosis. Its seeds and decoction contain alkaloids, coumarins, phytosterols and other physiologically active substances, which play an important role in promoting the physiological metabolic activities of human and animals. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung beans, bean skin, bean sprouts, bean leaves and flowers can be used as medicine. Mung beans are sweet and cold in nature and enter the heart and lung channels. Oral administration has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, relieving heat and water, anti inflammation and detumescence, protecting liver and eyesight, stopping diarrhea, moistening skin, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol in blood, preventing atherosclerosis, and external use can treat trauma, burns, sores, boils, carbuncle and gangrene.

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