How to cool drinks quickly? Some tips in life

How to cool drinks quickly? Some tips in life:

some tips in life:

1. If you squeak every time you step on the wooden floor of your home, just sprinkle talcum powder in the gap, and then sweep it all into the gap of the floor, you can solve this problem.

2. Put the beverage can into a bowl full of water and sprinkle some salt on it. The beverage will cool down quickly.

3. Spray water repellent on the bathroom door so that the door won’t get wet with steam.

4. If you have too many clothes, you can put the hanger in the closet in reverse and change the direction every time you wear it. After a few months, you will know which clothes you never wear.

5. You don’t need to throw away the hair conditioner you don’t want to use. It can be used as leg hair remover. It’s no different from a normal hair remover.

6. When collecting boots that can’t be worn for the time being, you can put the rolled up newspaper in them, which can maintain the shape of the boots and have the effect of deodorization.

7. Applying cream around the block cheese can prevent the cheese bread from getting moldy.

8. Take a towel soaked in apple vinegar to wipe the sunburn to relieve the pain.

9. To avoid the problem that the crust becomes soft after reheating the pizza, you can put the pizza on a non stick pan, heat it over low heat, and then cover it with aluminum foil to make the cheese melt faster. People who don’t have time for exercise can do squats while brushing their teeth, push ups when waiting for dinner to be cooked, and sit ups when watching TV.

11, no need to buy anti-static paper, just throw a ball of aluminum foil in when drying clothes.

12. Have you run out of AA batteries at home? As long as aluminum foil and AAA battery can be used as a temporary substitute.

13. Use magnet bar to store hairpin.

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