How to deal with fishbone throat?

fish is easy to buy in life. There are many kinds of fish. When eating fish, you can choose according to your favorite. However, you should pay attention to that when eating fish, you should also master some ways and methods. You can’t eat indiscriminately. Otherwise, it will pose a great threat to your health, especially salty fish, Eat too much, great damage to the body, the fishbone card throat how to do?

when many people eat fish, there will be the phenomenon of fishbone sticking in the throat. After such a problem occurs, there are some good solutions, which will help to improve the problem. What about fishbone sticking in the throat?

fishbone throat how to do:

fishbone throat, you can peel orange peel, a bit narrow, containing slowly swallow, can dissolve fishbone.

softened with vitamin C. Small fishbone sticking throat, can take vitamin C1 tablets, take, swallow slowly, a few minutes later, fishbone will soften eliminate.

drink duck saliva. Take a live duck, catch the duck’s feet and let it sing. Let it salivate out of the mouth. Fill it in a clean bowl and drink it slowly to moisten the throat. The small fish bones will soon dissolve.

drinking well water. If you drink vinegar, you can drink a bowl of well water the next morning to eliminate the fishbone.

drinking olive kernel water and taking it with olive kernel grinding water can eliminate fishbone

that is, ask someone to press the front of the tongue with a spoon or toothbrush handle, and then look at the root of the tongue, tonsil, posterior pharyngeal wall in the bright light to find fishbone as much as possible, and then clamp it out with tweezers or chopsticks.

if the upper method is invalid, try to make the patient nauseous and let the fishbone spit out.

if the patient still has the feeling of fishbone sticking in the throat, the bone can be softened with a simple small prescription; Clematis 10 grams, 3 black plum, sugar 15 grams, a little vinegar, add water decoction, slowly swallow.

garlic, sugar amount. Peel garlic, cut off and put it into your nostrils. Swallow a spoonful of sugar without drinking. If it doesn’t work, swallow another spoonful of sugar. This method is effective for fishbone throat sticking.

through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of what to do with fishbone throat sticking. Therefore, after such problems occur, we can follow the above methods. However, we should pay attention to that when we eat fish, we can’t eat or drink water when there is such a phenomenon. Otherwise, it is difficult to improve the fishbone throat sticking problem.

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