How to deal with new shoes grinding feet? Tips to alleviate new shoes grinding feet:

knead the newspaper into a ball, dip the whole ball with a little water but don’t get too wet, then wrap the wet newspaper with the dry newspaper, put it in the shoes (be sure to keep it tightly) and leave it for one night.

2, wedge palm technique

if the new shoes are too small to wear, you can cover them with a wet towel for a few minutes to soften the wet leather, and then pull out the shoes to support them. It will be more comfortable to wear.

3, solid glue dissolving method

. After dissolving with solid glue, drop it on the decorative nail of grinding foot. You can stick a small piece of soft cloth after glue and before glue hardens. Just be careful.

4, wine soaking method


Pour the Baijiu (25 grams) into the new leather shoes, shake it several times, and put it on after one hour. The cortex will no longer be hard, and the shoe will not be pinch. If the leather shoes are worn on the edge, for example, the heel is placed, the wet paper towel can be dried and thoroughly soaked in Baijiu, and a clip is used to fix the leather shoes at the foot of the grinding place. After placing them for one night, they will not wear their feet for second days.

5, rolling method

if the edge of the new leather shoes is worn, wet towel can be used to cover the part of the worn feet for a few minutes to make it moist and soft, and then cylindrical objects (such as glass bottles) can be rolled and pressed several times to make the part of the worn feet smooth, so that the worn feet will not be worn again.

6, hammering method

if the sole of a new shoe is worn, it can be put on the crutch of the shoe, and then it can be knocked with a hammer to smooth the ground foot. How to do with the heel of the new shoe is solved. If there is no shoe crutch, it can also be replaced by other iron tools.

7, anti-wear sticker


It’s a bit like a band aid, but it’s much softer.

8, hand cream, candles, soap and other application methods

candles may not be available at home, but hand cream and soap are generally available. If you don’t think the above method is too complicated, you can directly apply hand cream, candle, or soap to the place where the shoes grind your feet, and try to apply as much as possible, so that the place where the shoes grind your feet can be fully softened. Not just hand cream, all kinds of cream can be, but pay attention to several times to apply a few times, after putting it on for one to two days, you can try to wear it to see if it is still grinding.

9, put on socks + hair dryer

, put on socks first, then put on new shoes, use the hot air of hair dryer to blow for a few seconds in the place where the feet will grind, you can try to move your feet while blowing to stretch, when the shoes are cold, then take off the socks, the shoes will become better.

10, freezing method

if your shoes are too small and wear feet, it is recommended to use the refrigerator freezing method. First of all, prepare two plastic bags, preferably sealed and not easy to leak. Then, add the right amount of water to the plastic bag. The amount of water can be determined according to the depth or size of the shoes. After filling the water, seal the two plastic bags completely and put them into the shoes. Finally, put the shoes in the freezer layer and take them out about one night. After taking it out, you can try it on first. If you still feel that it’s worn, you can repeat the above steps several times. The main purpose of doing this is to support the shoes. Of course, ice can also be replaced by other things, such as potatoes of the right size, discarded newspapers, etc., as long as it can support shoes. A netizen said: flat shoes to men’s tickets when slippers, support two good! In fact, this is also possible.

in addition to the above methods, there is also a more violent way. This way is more suitable for leather shoes, that is, directly taking hard things to hammer the shoes to grind the feet. However, when using, pay attention to the strength to avoid shoes deformation due to hammering. This kind of hard hammer method can be combined with heating method. First use a hair dryer to blow heat, and then use a hard object to smash it slightly. It is also very effective. Every new pair of shoes, there is a period of adaptation, I hope the friends say goodbye to grinding feet, spend the period of adaptation!

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