How to deal with the bad smell of a new car? Six ways to eliminate the bad smell of a new car

when a new car is bought, there is always a heavy smell in the car, sometimes even unbearable. What is the most effective deodorization method for new cars? What are the best ways to deodorize a new car? Let’s have a look with you today!

1, natural ventilation and air drying method

from an economic point of view, the best way to remove the odor is to ventilate the new car and expose the interior to the sun, This method is simple and does not cost money. If the weather is good, the effect is obvious. However, the disadvantage is that it takes too much time and depends on the weather. If you want to completely remove the odor and harmful gases, it is not enough to do it for ten days and a half months.

2 and bamboo charcoal bag

are preferred by many car owners when removing the odor of new cars. Bamboo charcoal bag has strong adsorption capacity, which can effectively remove the odor in the car. Moreover, the validity period of bamboo charcoal bag is relatively long. The most important thing is that the price of bamboo charcoal bag is relatively cheap, which can be bought in many places. When new cars use bamboo charcoal bag, It is recommended that the car owner replace it every three months, which can better ensure the fresh air in the car.

3, window ventilation

the most important thing for a new car is window ventilation. The interior materials of the new car are relatively new. Therefore, in the process of driving, timely ventilation is needed, and the poisonous gas in the car is discharged in time, which can make the air in the car clearer and newer. Therefore, the habit of opening windows in the process of driving can not only remove the peculiar smell, At the same time, the air in the car should be protected to avoid driving sleepiness.

4 Fruit peel

the seemingly insignificant peel is very good in removing peculiar smell, especially grapefruit peel, which has the same effect as bamboo charcoal bag and strong adsorption capacity, It can absorb the odor in the car in time to keep the environment fresh.

, vehicle perfume romantic law

vehicle perfume is also very popular now, perfume can eliminate peculiar smell, create a romantic car living environment for the car, perfume is also a good choice in personal taste, but perfume can not remove harmful gas, can only cover up peculiar smell, this point must be understood.

6, on-board air purifier

. With the new car washing, you should pay attention to

. When you buy a new car home, car washing should be the first maintenance work that the car owner will do, because the road is dusty, and it will rain or something, which will make the car dirty all of a sudden. Generally speaking, Professional car wash shops do a good job. Of course, the price will be more expensive.

the way to save money is to wash the car by yourself. Here, if new car owners wash the car by themselves, they should pay attention to it. Generally, there is a film on the surface of new cars. When washing, you should choose a soft sponge or sponge cloth to wipe it. Do not drag the mop directly on the car, which may damage the car paint, At the same time, the car body is easy to be scratched. Also, after washing the car, be sure to dry it with a dry cloth, otherwise it is easy to form water stains.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the cold cutting system for new cars

novice drivers may not pay much attention to the cold cutting of new cars when they just drive a new car. After all, there are no problems with new cars in general, But usually still want to develop a good habit of inspection. For example, a novice driver may not pay much attention to the wiper. He does not know if there is no water coming out. He thinks that the hole is blocked or there are other problems. In this way, it is easier to burn the wiper motor, because the wiper also needs to cool down when it is working, and if the wiper has enough water, the wiper motor will be damaged, It can play a certain cooling effect.

when it comes to the cold cut system, the most important thing is the water tank, which is also very important. When a new car is on the road, the driver must pay attention to whether there will be water leakage or not. Although the probability of a new car failure is very low, it does not mean that there will not be such a failure. Once there is a water leakage, it must be repaired in time, If the water leaks out and continues to open, the engine will probably burn out. Of course, don’t be too sensitive, because when the car is turning on the air conditioner, there may be water dripping on the ground, so it is necessary to distinguish clearly.

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